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Heart Cup Coffee, Kondapur, Hyderabad | Restaurant Reviews

Heart Cup Coffee



  • 5
    Sanjay Solanki

    The food here is simply awsome.....we had the lunch break the manchurian was just amazing...never tasted such awsome food.....the ambience is too good.....just loved it

  • 5
    Aarushi Rawat

    I loved the place. Great ambiance, good food. I was impressed by how huge the place was. The service was excellent. The staff was very attentive and helpful... Specially want to call out Naveen who had a great attitude and went out of his way to make sure we had a great experience there. Would totally recommend this place!!!!

  • 5
    Leo Angelo

    favorite hangout spot. love the food. chicken 65 and the shepherds pie are glorious. cocktails pack a wallop. the ambience is top notch, and so are the various entertainment options available like karaoke, movie nights, live bands etc. the perfect place to chill with friends after work

  • 5
    Yougander Reddy

    This is the best place to party on weekends .the new heartcup cafe has a huge dancefloor and is always happening and definitely the best place to partyy in Hyderabad.the drinks are a bit costly and the tables are full always but never mind you would still give it a 5 star because of the party atmosphere you get there !! I have been few times there and every time I had a blast

  • 5
    Shweta Jaiswal

    Awesome place..the ambience makes me go crazy very time i visit d place. Wid d karoeke and d mast DJ, you tend to forget d tiresome life and just dance wid d music.

    Drought beer wid nachos is d very first order...followed by another nachos.
    followed by chicken wid walnut sauce....my mouth is watering as I am writing.

    Must go place in Hyderabad.

  • 5

    What an AMAZING experience!
    It was amazing. It made me happy. It made us dance. It made us forget about everything except reveling in that very moment.
    The new Heartcup (Kondapur) has very large space and cool decor with a great Dance area too.
    Rahul, the Manager is super charming and friendly. The waitstaff was by far the nicest I've had in a long time. You can tell they loved working there.
    The food was so good, and the portions were large which is always nice.
    I would highly recommend this place to any and everyone I know. If you are in the area, you have to stop in.

    I absolutely loved this place and can't wait to return.!

  • 5
    Radhika Bhatt

    Yesterday I'm visited with my friend 2nd time In Heart Cup coffee there have Karaoke night we really enjoyed we sitting near out side bar we order pizza and couple of drink.... Service staff very
    Friend@ness over all excellent service. Keep it up....

  • 5

    A very wonderful place in hyderabad been here on Saturday but there were no tables we asked the staff but no table.but Mr rahul (manager) helped us with a table we enjoyed our team outing the food was good and the service was excellent .the way he was running around and taking care of the customer with such a crowd satisfying everyone awesome we would refer this place as no 1 and tell everyone to visit this place rahul we thank u for your generosity and the hospitality which u give to your customer .thank u,,............

  • 5
    Ses Seshadri

    What got better: New location. Much bigger place to chill out including PDR. Improved food choices.
    What remains same : same good old service. Amazing and attentive staff. Do I need to add anymore?

    Conclusion: one of best hangouts in Hyderabad to be with friends

  • 5
    Supriya Subudhi

    This is the place to be.
    Ambience 5/5
    Service 5/5
    Food 5/5
    They have an awesome cafe menu as well making it an awesome spot even in the afternoons. Their coffee is quite delicious.

    Food portions are quite generous and all things taste delicious, ranging from salads to burgers. Their pizzas and garlic bread are a must try.
    The only downside is no happy hours.
    The place is huge and always crowded, though its with a good crowd.

  • 5
    Priyanka Bajaj

    This place is a rage at night. I don't know where to begin - the food, the karaoke nights, the amazing cocktails or the crazy music that will make you leave your table and saunter along to the dance area. It is almost like a blend of a lounge / bar and clubbing experience. Best time to go - thursday (karaoke) and friday nights. Avoid Saturday though - the bollywood nights can attract the kind of crowd you don't want to be around.

  • 5
    Surya Teja Mahidhar Valle

    Heart cup cafe kondapur is the best place to hangout with your friends after 8..... The karaoke is fun.... Interiors perfectly blends with music and couple of drinks.... A very good place indeed.... A must if you are night person

  • 5
    Samjhana B

    One of the best place in Hyderabad..... I'm celebrate by birthday their we are really enjoyed....
    Ambiance was really beautiful live music also nice great service... We will sitting yesterday opp outside bar ... Service staff also good specially Sushant he will suasion some nice appetizer and beverages for us.... I will never forget my birthday their.. Thank you Sushant....

  • 5
    Ssudhira Samavedulla

    Had a wonderful time in heartcup coffee kondapur. Loved the ambiance,loved the service,loved the music,everything was just awesome. Music lovers ? Heartcup coffee is the place for you. SAI and PARTH nailed it. Such good music. Such a talent. You really rock. The singer the guitarist. Everyone was great. Not to mention service was awesome. Special thanks to Naveen the manager, you were very helpful. I would love to visit the place every Wednesday.. Great job guys keep it up

  • 5
    Surya Mukherjee

    One of the best lounge in the city. Visited two times as of now and have plan to visit again and again.

    First visit: to celebrate my bro's b'day party. Ambiance was really good. It was sat night. Crowd was very good. We enjoyed the drinks ñd food there. DJ night was great too. We danced and enjoyed a lot.

    Second visit: it was my b'day yesterday night. I went with Ansha to celebrate. We reserved our seat on advance. Food and drinks were good as usual. We enjoyed a lot. There was live music going on inside. We joined that too. Overall a nice night we had there.

  • 5
    Sandeep Trisha

    Is there hookah available? Nope!! 😔
    #Dancefloor 💥👍👍 #shots!! #vodka #bestplace #hangout
    #B'day!! Celebration!! 🍻🍻 #Cousions #besties #food is nice 👌 #hotgrls 😝

  • 5
    Akshay Chaturvedi

    This is not a review but a grievance. Heart cup Cafe (opposite Google) was my most favourite place in Hyderabad, and possibly on the planet. Don't know why up closed it. Makes me very sad. I was a Thursday Karaoke regular, and really miss it.

  • 5
    Shivam Gulati

    I visit frequently for the Karaoke. The atmosphere and crowd cannot get better than this.
    Amazing food, especially the non-veg starters(malai chicken is my favourite here).
    You will rarely get a table on Thursdays, but when the singing kicks on, nobody cares about sitting.

    A beer pint costs around 160 bucks. You can easily get a Budweiser here everytime.
    Most of their food dishes range around 300-500 and they have a good quantity.

    I would any day recommend going for a Thursday going, this place cracks me up everytime.
    On saturdays, they have bollywood night and they play classical hindi and punjabi tracks.
    You just can't resist dancing.

    Food 4.5/5
    Ambience 5/5
    Price 4/5
    Experience 5/5

  • 5
    Srikanth Kothakota

    Amazing place...Goan style and excellent food...lil expensive but you can compromise on the quality of the food they serve...

  • 5
    Pavan Sharma

    My first visit to this place was on a thursday night. To be very honest, its the place to be, Unlike the previous outlet, this is huge and has a great feel to it. Sure to visit every week.

  • 5
    Rana Premasish Roy

    My best place to be on Friday evening. the perfect location, good food, cheap beer and awesome crowd. The icing on the cake is the Punjabi Songs on Friday and Saturday. Although overall all the food items are good, my favourite was Garlic Breb with their awesome sauce. Have to repeat the sauce twice if not thrice.

    Pros - Good Food, Location and ya Crowd (on fridays) + Punjabi Songs

  • 5
    Hitarth Patel

    Superb place to lose urself aftr a long week...good music...just grab a beer and live it up...good service...recommended on a Saturday night...cheers!!!

  • 5
    Sandeep Shenoy

    awesome place for chillin out..good food , music n drink n crowd

  • 5
    Ikshit Sinha

    This is one of the most happening place to which I have been to in Hyderabad till now. Awesome crowd and superb DJ. A place o would suggest you should definitely visit on weekend nights. Though food here can burn a hole in your pockets but drinks are available at genuine rates.
    There is a cool courtyard wherein you can sit with your friends and enjoy the lovely night in your style but for DJ lovers it is one of the superb spot.

  • 5
    Chhavi Sinha

    Love the place!! Garlic bread is a must try there. Serves Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Indian dishes there. Mexican wrap is a disaster. They have a live DJ every Friday and Saturday night, who plays amazing tracks!!

  • 5
    Tv Rachna

    Must visit on a Thursday night- karaoke . One good place to hangout on a weekday

  • 5
    Goldy Singh

    We have started patronising the place in recent time as it has one of the best ambience ,food and beverages.On all the occasions we had to wait for the table as the place is packed but they were kind enough to reduce the wait time. It has all type of  corners -  night club feel,shack feel and a chill out lounge , we had some great snack and beverages. lately  it has become our second home

  • 5
    Ravi Shanker Kakaraparthi

    Simply nice place to spend some time..good ambience ,a crowd puller of course..theme and look of the place feels like classic European pubs overall it is a gr8 place in surroundings of Madhapur

  • 5
    Milan Singh Thakur

    Best place to hangout with friends. Evening time is very good here. Try this place for pizza with cricket matches. Also if you are willing to get drink, then this is the place for you.

  • 5
    Smita Priyadarsini

    Wonderful Experience. The Best place to be in for chill out. Food was very good when the service was extremely awesome. The server Mujeev suggested the drinks and starter was really good. Everybody  should try their chicken Nachos.  I tried it with Tequila Sunrise cocktail suggested by our server. All of my friends in our group impressed with the personalized service. Definitely we will back again. Suggested for party and get together. Thank you.

  • 5

    I love the overall setup and the food here..keep going back for more and the place never fails to meet my expectations...keep it up guys and soon will be back for another round

  • 5
    Kriti Jhunjhunwala

    I have been thrice here. And only on Thursdays. It's kareoke night on Thursday and I'm telling you it's crazy. It's the plane to be on Thursday. But it's get too crowded after 8. So be there before 7.30 to grab a seat. P.s: you dance standing although !

  • 5
    Ayush Jain

    The heart and soul of Hyderabad. Only good party place in Hyderabad. Plus, the nachos are so awesome and mouth watering. Alcohol + Nachos will your days awesome.

    Recommend it to everyone.

  • 5
    Ch Ramesh Kumar

    I am ramesh, came here for first time. I really loved it. But ambience is quite disturbing & wi-fi is damn slow. And I really liked cocktails & food menu. And there are very few waiters & they r really busy.

  • 5

    Fantabulous! This place wasn't on the cards to celebrate my birthday, however, we ended up there. We are glad we did! Had great fun! 
    It wasn't too busy when we reached in the early evening but it started to kick in after 7. The whole place turned out to be a dance floor later. 
    Food wasn't the best in city but I'd rate it a 6 on 10. 
    The football match between Germany and France had them offer face paints, it was cool. 
    Considering the ambience, food, drinks, price and a pretty good DJ this place is worth spending few weekends.

  • 5
    Siddhant Goel

    I went there with my college batch on a Thursday & the place was on fire!..they had karoake night and were playing commercial English songs for the karoake, & everyone was singing. There was hardly any place to stand also, & the place had a vibrance of a rock concert. Had a jolly time there. Never been to a better karoake lounge in Delhi also. Highly recommended on karoake nights.

  • 5
    Avinab Sengupta

    Was there fir the semi finals, India vs West Indies and it was jam packed. Phenomenal atmosphere. Really good finger food, butter prawns, cheese balls and mutton sheekh are must tries. Had a lot of drinks. Fir cocktail lovers you have to try daiquiri and long Island iced tea. Main course had a buffet(corporate plan) with three biryanis, garlic naan, mushroom, chicken, fish, gulag jamun and ice cream. It was Thursday so we had karaoke as well. All in all the best place to party in hyderabad!

  • 5
    Srikanth V

    I was amazed to see awesome crowd and especially all the bartenders are really good and awesome service best pub in hyderabad especially bar tender MONISH is good guy whenever i come i want him to serve me if he is on holiday i will also not come on that day thanks MONISH keep up the good work

  • 5

    Located in the heart of Hi-Tech city, Heart Cup Coffee is a perfect location to catch up with friends, over coffee, some beers or for a quite conversation with your girl friend. The only place in Hyderabad, I believe, where 3 different meetings or conversations can happen. Head here during match times, you will find it full with so many screens put up, yes, invariably it is full. Their coffee also is amazing, especially, the Drink and Drive. Wakes u up. A must must try. The sandwiches here are good, order some Thai Pai Chicken or Chilly chicken to go with some drinks. The ambience is also pretty nice, with great artwork and collages all around the wall and the seating so comfortable than you could lay down your backside for a comfortable few hours. Order Coffe, Beer or anything else. You should be happy about the place, pretty much. I was.

  • 4.5
    Mohd Zubair Ali

    Been to this place 4 to 5 times ! One of the best places to hang out with frnds in the evening after a hectic day at work . Great food and live music. the menu has pretty good options in both veg and non veg. Do not miss their live band performance by "Threeory" .

    *Sunday brunch visit*
    Visited the place again for a Sunday brunch with couple of foodie to their new menu. Ah! Wat an experience it turned out to be. As always, this place never disappoints! Debatable line up of mouthwatering delicacies. Few of the stuff you can't miss are burnt garlic noodles, cold cuts, chicken pulao, Thai chin chicken, chicken pizza, laal maans, grilled chicken and herb rice. A special mention to the barman for those amazing mocktails. 👌 couldnt get enough of it ! M gonna hit back to this place again for a brunch ! Check out the pics 😉

  • 4.5
    Vinaykrishnan Vishwanath Menon

    The missus and I have visited the HCC's new place a couple of times now. Earlier it was across the road from where they are now. And I must say the ambience has improved ten times! Now there's more outdoor seating, more indoor lounging and more dancing!

    The booze is standard, the food is surprisingly good. Usually, places like these have almost always been meting out traditional continental and other such run-of-the-mill fare, barely enough to make you feel good about the food, thriving solely on the wonders of alcohol, music and ambience to pull by. But HCC is different. The food is excellent in my opinion, catering fine enough to satisfy the most ardent of food lovers, even when they aren't high on alcohol.

    The Asian Stir Fry Vegetables in garlic sauce, and the Tex Mex Veg Sizzler (off the menu), are thoroughly enjoyable.

    I love this place and will keep visiting it regularly. The only reason I give a 4.5 instead of a 5 is that the service is not the best in class.

  • 4.5
    Mohit Choudhary

    This has become my favourite destination in Hyderabad in the 2 weeks I have been here ! The Thursday Karaoke night is something one should never miss. The atmosphere is electric , crowd is nice and the general feel is simply awesome ! Decent prices. I only wish they had a bigger dance floor !!

  • 4.5
    Neha Jha

    Went here for a karaoke night. Only tried the starters which turned out to be good. There is ample space too. So if you just want to have some good time with your friends and unwind after office hours then this place is for you. The dance floor is pretty free on Karaoke nights :) I also decided to leave my bike here and the management took care of it. They do give importance to customer satisfaction. Cheers to the team.

  • 4.5
    Santosh Pati

    Nice place to go with friends on weekends. Good food, liquor and good music.

  • 4.5
    Arpit Rai

    Been to this place quite a few times for drinks. Perfect place to be at on weekends. The crowd here is quite young which is a good thing. Adds to the energy and vibrancy of the place. Their service does get affected though if the crowd is big. They just aren't able to manage the orders and the tables. There's seating inside as well as outside. If you prefer having a conversation with friends / overall chill and talk over drinks kind of evening, you'd rather sit outside. Can get a bit insane inside with the loud music.

  • 4.5
    Shrey Kohli

    Amazing place to be. Great ambience, service staff is very supportive and great service. Food quality was also good and I prefer sitting inside. Piece of advice if you are planning to go then either reach early or book your table before hand else you will not find table near the ramp. Place is super awsm on Wednesdays because of that band and the kind of songs they play and how they play their instruments. One of those few places which is suitable for all kinds of audience - romantic date with your partner, family outing or friends hangout. I have been here 3 times in the past week and have fallen in love with this place planning to go there tonight and tomorrow also

  • 4.5
    Dheraj Kumar

    A special day(25/07/15) of my life turned into an extraordinary Evening. Saturday night, My better half Birthday , 9 Years of Relationship, we both live in different cities.. Thanks @HCC. Great Crowd simply happening atmosphere and lively ambience. Special Thanks to the HCC Crew. Amazing support, royal service at the outer courtyard. Our wait to get settled just paid off, truly worthy. Before I forget a special thanks to One of the Crew member in the outer Courtyard @Kishore, the guy was simply awesome and was up to the task not only to us but to other tables in the courtyard, A great service from him and all the other staffs. A highly Appreciated Service @Kishore. Good luck mate must be promoted to the next level considering his presence of mind and his ability to handle the situation. Thanks #HCC #Kishore #All Crew Members.

  • 4.5
    Surya Khanna

    A perfect place to chill out with great music and even better food.

    For drinks, we had the Mango Smoothie and the Mocha Frappe. Fantastic drinks i must say.

    For food, we had the Baked Mushroom, Non Veg Club Sandwich and the Chicken Tikka Pizza.
    I loved all this dishes and you can try anyone of them, and you're sure not to be disappointed.

    You will love the ambience of the place as well. Extremely chilled out and great music.

    Overall : 4.5/5. Great place.

  • 4.5
    Viral Bulsara

    Just wow.... dont need to write anything..... Just go n enjoy.... but little more costlier den other places... but worth (suggestion go get some booze before going der)

    Food: Tasty and very good
    Dance floor and Music : Wow (Thumbs up for DJ) (Best thing whenever you go you vl find same guy who dance little awkward but u vl njoy, think dis ppl hired him :P :P )
    Ambiance: Good after 10
    Staff good

    But dont go on 31st and all people have spoiled the dance floor n all..........


  • 4.5
    Prateek Aggarwal

    Great place to spend time with your friennds :)  Staff is really good and service is acceptable and lot of places to sit there outside, inside and under the canopy based on with whom you are visting this place and what type of surrounndings you want to look for ! :) Place where you can keep visiting if you will are willinng too ! :)  Before 7 there are happy hours so can have a benefit of (1+1) if you reach early no restriction as they  don't ask you to leave till 1am but you can't get in the cafe after 11:30 pm so make sure come here before :)  Lovely

  • 4.5
    Shyamala Sastry

    nothing like anything, nice plc to hang arnd, nice chiks, party animals, wonderful nite out, unfortunately closes at 11pm

  • 4.5
    Atulaya Goswami

    This is THE place for any delhi / gurgaonite. In hyderabad. Magical environment on weekends with live DJ. The place is a decent pack till 9pm after which it transforms to a disc with people dancing all around (sometimes on top if the tables :-))
    The atmosphere of this place is electrifying to the core and clearly the best place for any get together booze party and dinner. The must try menu selections include garlic bread with cheese , chicken parmesan , nachos and long island iced tea!!
    Unfortunately we have never gone beyond starters at this place :-)) as it is not possible after long island iced tea. This place scores over most of the places and i can bet my ass that you will definitely like this place on any fri or sat eve!!
    Hands down 4.5 / 5 is heart cup cafe kondapur!

  • 4.5
    Aishwarya Ranjan

    Well it's a cool place to hangout with ur friends and have a chill beer or even you can have some snacks. The service is quite good. Ambience is awesome.. Just a word to describe "awesome place "

  • 4.5
    Nilesh N Chavan

    Fantastic place...have been in hyd over a year and then finally got the opportunity to visit this place around 3 weeks back....worth every penny. ..went on a Wednesday night and the band 'threeory' was just awesome...especially the violinist ...good food, good service, nice ambience, ..if you are in hyd this is a must visit place.

  • 4.5

    Nice place to wind down and grab a cup of coffee or a drink around. Nice ambience and crowd. Staff is warm and friendly. Choice of cuisine and liquids is decent at a reasonable price.

  • 4.5
    Sunny Oswal

    I went thr for a reunion.. U won't get a place to sit if u dun hav a reservation ... Best thing BUDWEISER pints are available .. Dj was good and we wer on the dance floor within 3 rounds of beer :P

  • 4.5
    Abhi Shek

    Am regular parson i visited on this Wednesday with my office colleagues with my H.R.One of the most happening place in Hyderabad! Awesome ambiance Nice pleasant decent crowd, they are so cheerful and so happening! It's those cool places where you can hangout every week! 
    Live music was outstanding,threeory awesome band! Just love this place !
    i order some tap beer and food,food was some delay because of that 4.5
    And  food taste was mind blowing,excellent!

    If you want a cool place, to grab a few drinks by the week, then HCC is your sweet haven!

    The atmosphere is awesome and service also best,i know sravan very will he received and  in busy time also he given a table for us,he informed one staff to tack care of my table thanks sravan. 
    It's the it place of the city, if you didn't go there atleast once, you are missing your life.

  • 4.5

    nice romantic place to spend some quiet time with your loved one
    the ambience the decor the food all sum up for a perfect nice evening
    the food & drinks excellent

  • 4.5
    Het Mavani

    The best place in town for party. Karaoke Night on Thursdays are just awesome. I have been here almost every thursday in last month and all the time it was a rocking place. Its our temple, if we dont visit heart cup, we dont enjoy the week!!

  • 4.5
    Mahesh Natarajan

    The new location has got a great ambiance and continues to have awesome service.
    food is very good , music is good.
    However, cocktails are not good ... Too sugary or watered down, better to stick with Beer or MYOD.
    Service is very good despite the super crowd !!!

  • 4.5
    Kaushik Rao

    Loved This Place ! Visited This Place A Month Back.
    Loved The Ambience And The Wide Range Menu Over Here , The Drinks As Well . The Chef's Special Diet Salads Are Too Good . We Ordered For Chef's Special Chicken Diet Salad , One Chicken Penne Pasta With White Sauce , Two Budwiser Pints , Two Cranverry Breezers And One Starter Suggested By The Waiter . ... I Dont Remember .
    The Pasta Tasted Very Good And And The Salad Was Awesome And It Tasted Good With The Buds !
    It Is Situated Right Beside F Lounge And Cafe And The Management Is Also The Same . The Food Here Is Worth Your Money And The Rates Here Are So Economical. You Can Come Here For A Nice Date Or To Hangout With Friends . ... And The Weekends Are Rocking Here !

    My Rating :-

    Ambience - 5/5
    Food - 4.5/5
    Cost - 5/5

    Overall - 4.5/5

  • 4.5
    Himanshu Gupta

    One of my favrt place .....love to go everyweek here...thz place make me feel something gud.... all d tym happying crowd.....and specially ty rahul for d best service

  • 4.5
    Madhumita Banerjee

    Rated   I and my hubby were looking for a romantic place to dine at our near vicinity. After going through reviews, we planned to hit this place for the evening. This restaurant has come up in the place of Eat3. When we entered the restaurant premises, the first sight itself stole my heart away. It was so beautifully decorated. The ambiance is very soothing, peaceful and romantic. This place is a perfect blend of light- music and good food. There is ample seating arrangement –outside as well as inside. We chose our seat at the Verandah. It wasn’t that crowded then. A waiter immediately greeted us and handed over the menu card. Initially we were confused as to what to order. We were looking for a prawn item. The waiter couldn’t help much in suggesting one. Hence, we opted for chicken dishes. First, we ordered two mocktails – Casanova and The Glass Rainbow. And Achari Chicken as starter dish. The Glass Rainbow was very refreshing and tasty while I found Casanova to be kind of spicy. For main course we ordered – Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken and Chicken sizzler with pepper sauce. Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken was very tasty. Chicken sizzler was tasty yet I felt that had the chicken been bit softer, it would have been better. Overall the food was good. Had a wonderful evening. I would love to visit again.

  • 4.5
    Sindhura Akkala

    Loved the place totally! Very happening. The place has an awesome sense of music and ambience.Food was good and coffee was great. They had a live band playing the day we went which was really nice.The best part of this place is that it's not expensive and is easily affordable for its hype.I am definitely going the next time :)

  • 4.5
    Mohit Beri

    HCC continues to be one of my fav destination for catching up with friends...the new place has a great outdoor ambience and lively music...two things u should definitely try here are LIIT and nachos...it could really hit 5 rating if it were to improve on their service levels.

    One thing I wish HCC should do is to start taking reservations on weekends as its really disappointing to wait.

  • 4.5
    Anirudh Manchiraju

    Fav place to hangout. Love the Thursday karaoke nights. Best nachos starters you can have in the city. Schezwan fried rice turned out to be good as well. An excellent place to chill and party on a Friday night!

  • 4.5
    Lohit Singla

    Almost Perfect,

    Enticing offers, good food, affordable drinks and good celebrity nights, only thing bad,  boys night out is a little bit heartbreaking if they want to dance. otherwise, super place to be in.

    And ADITYA mere bhai, you are the best server i have met in a long time in restaurants. 

    Good punjabi fun, also there on friday, saturday DJ nights.

  • 4.5
    For The Love Of Food

    As you enter you will believe you've reached a tropical destination and are at a modern shack, the minimalistic decor is a nice touch, the wooden ramp, the enclosed dance floor area, the various posters etc are chosen well.

    The music is usually 80s and 90s, takes you back in time.

    The liquor and food is moderately priced which is well received by the regulars, this place attracts a lot of repeat customers which is the best way to do business.

    The food here is consistently great, the chilli chicken is pretty good.

    It's a must go when you have a craving for good food.

  • 4.5

    Rated   One of the most happening place to chill and relax with friends that promises amazing crowd and amazingly cooked food is "Heart cup Coffee" formally known as Cafe Latte.

    Located in Kodapur, this place is very close to google office just next to F cafe and lounge. The name "Cafe Latte" sounds so classy and urban and was famous in entire hyderabad for its classy name and then one day, out of the blue they decided to change their name to "Heart Cup Coffee" and I was like what sort of a name is that.. Urgh !

    But then when I digged little deeper, I learnt that place was running a legal dispute and hence they had to change the name. But then having said that, even with the changed name, this place is equally refreshing and contagious.


    For a quick bite one must try their veg roasted sandwich, chicken substyle, chilli paneer, crispy babycorn. They have amazing options available in sizzlers and pizzas, with topping availble in pork, beef, chicken, mushroom, prawns and lamb. Good stuff. One can also try their alfredo pasta, it taste really great here. I have though not tried too many options in main course here. So can not really comment.


    The USP of the place is its ambience. The area is huge but still expect this place to be hell crowed on weekends, make sure one opts for advance booking, they are open for it or be friends with the manager to get a better seat, even better [worked for me]. The entire place is very well constructed and maintained. I really like their small but cute dancing area and the huge graffiti wall. I have always enjoyed visiting it. By now, I have lost count of the number of times I have visited the place. This place has earned alot of loyal customers, one of the best hang out option available in hyderabad.


    Their menu is very nicely and creatively crafted, very elaborate. Entire menu has pictures of famous poster as background. Their menu is very huge and has alot of options to try from varying from coffee to beer to shakes, mocktails to cocktails, shots, smoothies, teas and slushes in drinks. All of them are well made and are always fresh. Expect this place to play the best of the music. Sunday night is the bollywood night, and thursdays are the karaokes. Staff is nice and sweet to talk to, they have even helped me in sugggesting good options in eating, so many times. Sweet of them.

    Do not make mistake of stereotyping this place with other coffee shops available in the city, this place offers much more. I can happily recommend this place to all. Surely worth a visit. This place is ideal to celebrate any occasion or even to be visited otherwise.

    My Rating:

    Food: 4/5
    Ambiance: 5/5
    Value for Money: 4/5
    Overall: 4.5/5

    Visiting Again? A Sure Yes!

  • 4.5
    Rajani P

    Rated   The Kondapur location of heart cup cafe has been relaunched in place of the erstwhile eat3 and it is bigger and better.

    The place is beautifully done with a shack kind of feel and both indoors and outdoors have a huge seating capacity. Indoor is the non smoking area while outdoors is not. With a large modeling ramp, DJ and a set up all ready to rock and roll this must be one of the most happening places in the tech district!

    Having eaten at the Jubilee Hills location of HCC we went in not expecting food to be phenomenal but we were proved completely wrong! Every single item we ordered was so good. The tortilla soup was amazing with the perfect flavour and thickness. Having had this soup in other Mexican places in Hyderabad I can vouch for this being the best so far. The spinach and cheese rolls had a good thick outer layer and gooey melting spinach and cheese inside. They were so good the outer layer tasted like the southwestern rolls. The charcoal toasted mushrooms were spicy and simply yum.

    With continental, Italian, Indian, Chinese and coffee the choice of food is plenty. Although it's a little bit of everything all items tasted quite good. We had Italian, continental and Chinese and there was not a single disappointment.

    For a change the service was really good when we went. HCC being notorious for a slow service we were surprised that the waiters were quite attentive and the food was served on time.

    A perfect place to unwind and chill out with friends over some good food, music and lovely ambiance!

  • 4.5
    Tan Sha

    One of the most happening place in Hyderabad! Awesome ambience and finger licking food! Nice pleasant decent crowd, they are so cheerful and so happening! It's those cool places where you can hangout every week! Live music was outstanding, awesome band! Just love this place !
    And yeah the food is mind blowing, we ordered pizza and mutton hussaini kebab, both were excellent!
    If you want a cool place, to grab a few drinks by the week end, then HCC is your sweet haven!
    Even the buzzing crowd is so pleasant, the atmosphere is awesome and I didn't want to leave the place but they were closing :D
    It's the it place of the city, if you didn't go there atleast once, you are missing your life, I mean it :D
    HCC is a class apart.
    Food 4/5
    Ambience 5/5 (cheers to that awesome band which I forgot the name)
    Service 3.5/5
    Overall 4.5/5

  • 4.5
    Srijanee Joardar

    One of my favourite places to hang out in Hyderabad. Lovely ambience and crowd. Especially Thursday karaoke nights and Saturday dance nights. Can't comment about food much as never went there for full course dinner or lunch. Only snacks to go with beer, which is reasonable, but snacks are a bit overpriced for the quality. Overall a cool place to chill out with friends, enjoy quality music and have fun.

  • 4.5
    Manii Goel

    A chilled out place where u can just order your drink(alcoholic/non-alcoholic) with some snacks and enjoy with your friends..their karaoke nights are blessing..I tried some sizzler over there with a drink which was amazing..really liked the ambience..staff was nice..n the overall feel was awesome.. Must try :)

  • 4.5
    Prachi Soni

    And this is a place I feel in love with at first sight. Hyderabad has many many places to offer when it comes to perfect ambiance but this place has something very beautiful about it. It has a perfect blend of outside & inside sitting with privacy to the couples & dance/loud music for the party poppers. HCC has always set a standard when it comes to the overall experience & this one raises the benchmark. It has a huge ramp which also acts as a dance floor, has huge outdoor sitting & it beautifully done. Visited on a Saturday evening in a group of 4 & the staff was courteous to give a table to us as the people who reserved the table didn't turn up.  The drinks & food everything is very good. The staff is very well trained & are very responsive in their service. Loved the place. One of my favorite places in Hyderabad !

  • 4.5
    Kamal Nayan

    Blown away by the pricing of the Coffee. Totally worth every penny. Also the seating area is quite large with outside seating. Looking forward to Karaoke night on Thursday sometime.

  • 4.5

    The moment I entered, HCC reminded me of my college days in BITS Goa. The ambiance reminds me of the Goa shacks. It is perfectly complimented by the pictures of who is who of movie world, the rebellions like Bose and the music stalwarts.

    The food was scrumptious. Nachos were perfect to start with but the tai po chicken starter is easily the best starter I have eaten in the recent times. Just go for it with out any second thoughts.
    The entire experience was elated by the live band music. Though I didnt booze, I was equally high as my drunken friends were.

    Overall, a perfect place to hangout with friends for special occasions. Thumbs up!!

  • 4.5
    Harshavardhan K

    Superb place to be with friends. Friends, music, beer n cricket. What else do anyone want....ya..BTW...starters havnt disappointed me.
    I recommend this place...anytime...anyday.

  • 4.5
    Aditya Nair

    This place is the best for having a good time with all the music, decent food and good service. But be prepared to take a considerable hit to your savings account ;)
    Dj nights on Fridays & Saturdays are 300/person just for the entry and you better get there early if you want a good spot.

  • 4.5
    Krishna Chaitanya Varma

    This place rocks

  • 4.5
    Rachin Katti

    Heart Cup is unique as it has Karoake during Thrusdays, live music on Fridays and most of the other days it is just DJ. If one likes music and drink, this is the place to be. They do not take reservations on Thursdays as it is Karoake. Happy hours are till 7:30PM almost everyday. But worth checking. One can find most of the IT crowd and foriegners.

    Place: 3.5/5 Very crowded on Thursdays. They have a small Karoake place, Disadvatage is that they dont have Dance Floor.

    Ambiance: 4/5, Perfect for Music and drink.

    Service: 4/5

    Food: 3/5 Dont ever try fish. They do have different types of cuisine available. Continental

    What to try: Mutton Biryani

  • 4.5
    Seshadri Seshadri

    Had been to lunch. Ordered the chef special offer. Consisting of welcome soft drink followed by paneer and mushroom stuffed kofta. Requested to replace regular accompanying rotis with garlic naans.

    Ambience 4/5
    Service. 4.5/5
    Vfm. 5/5

    The kofta was well made. Wish only the gravy was little thicker. However accompanied with garlic naans excellent taste. Kudos to team. Well done.

  • 4.5
    Abhigyan Anand

    That one place you always imagined which is simple and elegant and yet awesome as hell. This place is right next to F bar so you can already judge the crowd that comes here . wink wink . I have been a couple of times and it never lets you down, but if ou really want to have a good time make sure you are here on anyday between friday and sunday. The food is pretty good and is suited for the heavy appetite poeple to the light easy going ones. The best thing though is that the music is above par than most places in hyderabad and the ambiance is really chilled out. The place is costs a penny more than the others but hey, that's what ensures the crowd is top notch. Visit it once and keep visiting again.

  • 4.5

    One of my regular hangout place....Food is yummy here especially Nachos are outstanding which is our regular starter....Even Frozen Mocha is also good....

  • 4.5
    Rahul Jalan

    Amazing place to be on Thursdays and Fridays. Great Ambience, crazy crowd.. Lovely karaoke.... On top of that food ia also amazing.

    Highly recommended - Nachos, mezze platter and Cheese chili toast.

  • 4.5
    Angana Guha Barua

    My favourite place to be on Thursdays. I sing myself hoarse here almost every Thursday. Besides sipping beer, I love trying out the food here too. You have to reach like really early on Thursdays, like 8.30-9.00 so that you can get a place to sit. Karaoke nights are their busiest and if you are late, you won't be getting a place to sit. We tried the tandoori platter, Alfredo pasta and pathar Ka gosht. The food was wonderfully done and I loved it all! Besides, the best incentive is the karaoke dj! He has a voice to die for. Request him to sing-last kiss by Pearl Jam. You'll know why I said that!

  • 4.5
    Sri Vidya

    Excellent place to hangout with friends...their starters are really good specially mushroom churi churi just like spring roll but taste was beyond imagination...also their coffees were nice specially their signature heart cup coffee...but can improve with their desserts...but a very good place for alcholics and non alcholics too?

  • 4.5
    Rajat Shahi

    The restaurant is awesome
    Ambience is great, food is out of the world, hands down tasty!!!!
    We ordered chicken soft noodles and crispy corn !!!
    He chicken noodles was awesome and the crispy corn is really a must have dish here !!!


  • 4.5
    Ankit Bahri

    Great place to party.

    My first ever visit to a cafe bar when i shifted to Hyderabad recently and i was very happy. There are not many places near this area where u get good music, good crowd, good ambience and good food. The variety in their menu is huge which only makes u want to come back and try that one dish that u could not order because u were too full! 
    Yes it is expensive, but I feel the overall experience justifies the price. 

    A definite visit, especially for people living near kondapur and hi-tech who dont want to travel to banjara or jubille hills for the same experience.

  • 4.5
    Santwana Panda

    My favorite Saturday destination. Cozy ambience, good music and absolutely great food. It is not just a place to spend a Fri/Sat night. You can comfortably spend a lazy afternoon sipping coffee and having great food. 

    Must Haves:
    1. Schezwan Noodles
    2. Chicken Nuggets
    3. Mutton Kebab Rolls

  • 4.5
    Nikita Garg

    I don't even remember the number of times I've been here. Had the best time with my friends. Great food, drinks, great ambience and good crowd. Gotta be there for the karaoke night soon :)

  • 4.5
    Saksham Papreja

    Best place to spend Thursday nights - Karaoke. Even Fridays are fun.

    The place is too crowded on these 2 days but awesome nonetheless. I never go there for food so can't suggest on that. But if you like to chill and have fun (some booze and dance/sing), then this place is for you.

  • 4.5
    Siddharth Shah

    Everytime I come to Hyderabad from Bangalore , I can't just miss to visit this place... So awesome place!
    Always lively... I want to attend the karaoke night....

  • 4.5
    Satyam Dwivedi

    This an awesome place to be on weekends. It is Very near to Google office and Whitefield residential area. Nice ambiance, good crowd, quality food and good music.

    Suggestion :- If you are visiting on weekends try to go little early and try their outside sitting arrangement for some time you would surely love it. Move inside as it starts getting crowded for more fun.

  • 4.5
    Trishendu Deb

    Wonderful place. Awesome ambience. Service is good. Menu mostly dominated by non Veg delicacies. The Chicken Tikka and Sea Food Sizzlers are amazing. Veg is limited but good. One of the places to definitely visit.

  • 4.5
    Umarajashekher Vedula

    Best place to hang out with friends over drinks. Good ambience and courteous staff. Don't miss out on my favourite dishes, they are mutton pulao, crispy corn and stuffed chicken legs.

  • 4.5

    I love this place inside out. While at Hyderabad , it used  to be the place to stress out after a long week's hardwork at office. Great place to chill out with friends. As a dance lover, I find this place a very safe place to show your moves and enjouy yourself to the fullest. Consists of a really nice crowd and thanks to the Macho Bouncers who make you feel safe!! The price is also affordable and the food is nice. They have a nice collection of mocktails for non-alcoholics like me ..:-)If you are a resident of Kothaguda, Kondapur, Madhapur, Gachibowli or Indranagar and don't want to travel much but still want to party hard till late night and be safe.. This is the place to go!! :-)

  • 4.5
    Karan Mehta

    I have lost the count of how many times i have been here. Near to most of the offices this place is great for Fridays when you want to grab a quick beer with your colleagues before heading home. Thursday (karaoke night) is one of the best days to visit this place. Everything is great about this place, ambiance, people, food, service, everything rocks!!!!

  • 4.5
    Bhavit Jain

    I along with my friends from office have been there. The ambiance was just amazing with a good crowd.
    We ordered beers and some finger foods. All the dishes were awesome especially the nachos.
    Overall, I would rate this place as one of the best hangouts in Hyderabad.

  • 4.5
    Kuhu Anand

    A perfect place to spend the friday evenings: great music and great food. We had the Mango Smoothie and Litchi smoothie; both the drinks were just fantastic. Plus we had ordered the Baked cheese Mushroom, Non Veg Club Sandwich and the Chicken Tikka Pizza. Everything was delicious. This is definitely a must visit place if you are in Hyderabad.

  • 4.5
    Rahul Dev Vashisht

    The ultimate cafe experience in the morning, A good luncheon in the afternoon and ofcourse the best karaoke in the (thursday) night.  Heart Cup offers all of it in a small but decently spaced location. Have ordered almost everything from the menu in the last and everything turned out pretty decent. Nachos are really great!

    The service is amazing, the drinks come quicker, the food though takes some time on busy nights but its worth it. 

    The only problem is the seating, you have to struggle to find a table on the  busy nights when u're free (thurs-sat). they do take advance reservations but even that finishes up pretty fast.

    If you're in the vicinity on a thursday, do pop in and have a couple of cold ones. who knows you might even catch me singing!
    Definitely recommended!

    Food: 4/5

    Ambince: 5/5

    Service: 4/5

    Seat availability: 3/5

  • 4.5
    Isha Tripathi

    One of my most visited places in Hyderabad. The drinks are reasonable, food's pretty good, and Thursday karaoke is super fun.
    I particularly like the Cinemaccino. 
    The menu design is pretty interesting..

    However, if you visit late on a Thursday, be prepared to spend the night standing since they do not take reservations. Also, it can take a while to be served once it starts getting crowded.

  • 4.5
    Abhijit Mohanty

    Great place to hang out wit besties! Kicked off with bucket of 4 - KF followed by Black Dog 8 years, Captian Morgan, Sauza Gold shots, topped with Liquid Cocaine, Lady n Lord. Italian Cheese fingers n Amercan Corn Italian Cheese Balls in Starters. Wrapped up with Smirnoff.

  • 4.5
    Parimal Vyas

    Awesome is the only word I can come up with. I had been to the earlier Heart Cup also and I totally loved it but this is like a whole new level. The new place is HUGE. The same ambiance just that it has become a lot spacious. 
    A must visit place if you are in Hyderabad. I hope they continue the events of Thursdays and Sundays as usual. :)

  • 4.5

    Don't miss karaoke every Thursday night...feels out of hyd spending time here!!

  • 4.5
    Rahul Bhatia (on A Quest To Find A Foodie's Heaven)

    Rated   An awesome place to hang out with your buddies...without any cover charge and great music...this place sure rocks like hell.....the crowd was even better and energetic and the best part is nobody disturbs you if you are up for some fun time with your buddies...a perfect place to hang out especially on weekends...when its most happening place around kondapur area...talking about food the food was great really enjoyed the pizza bites...they sure do all kind of good jobs with cheese products in all their Italian dishes....must try the pizza bites when you go there... the only bad thing is the time they take...if you go there you better be ready for waiting for your food...they take a lot of time but you can kill that time with the help of a good dj...and dancing with your friends except that the dance floor is too small....the drinks also take a lot of time be it a cocktail or a beer. in all, it is suggested that this is a place to relax and don't go there if you are in a jiffy...Food 8/10
    drinks 7/10
    service 6/10
    cost for 2 - 1300 with alcohol
    P.S. I loved their new menu. And after moving to new location, it has become even better. And unlike I had mentioned previously, the dance floor now is pretty spacious. Therefore, bumped up the rating from 4 to 4.5

  • 4.5
    Anshu Mittal

    When you enter the place, it gives you a feeling of entering a goan shack.. This place is more than a just cafe. Do make your first visit on a thursday evening, Karaoke night. The atmosphere is thrilling with great music and good crowd. The food including Continental, Chinese and Indian is delicious. Do make sure you reach in time so that you can enjoy the food and music because the place gets too crowded.

  • 4.5
    Neeraj Soman

    It is such a happy place! 

    The new location across the road is as good as the old one. Kudos to the management to replicate the exact set-up with additional elements. The new place can really prove to be a great concert venue with good light and sound. Looking forward to some good live bands playing here in recent future. I am not sure though the place can do justice to electronic music lover's taste. 

    The best part about Heartcup is the overall vibe. Drinks are very competitively priced, food is decent and service prompt. 

    A suited version of neighborhood bar!

  • 4.5
    Rachana Bharadwaj

    The place is quite a spread, and is so airy. The word Heart cup was rightly coined by them. The place is very decent for people to enjoy their drinks with the amazing cool breeze cheering up your mood to a new level. Karaoke night gets wilder making everyone to xoxo and further enjoy the night. They surely can improve the variety of beer they provide. Cheers!

  • 4.5
    Duhita Deshpande

    A place thats Hep and Chic to be with frens meeting over to grab a drink and just a heart melting coffee then this is a place to be..ambience is how you want it..wanna have live music..u have it...wanna watch a game..u can watch it..jus wanna sit wid loved one and chat and it gives u that too..so its a place how u want it to be..best place I must say..again table booking recommended! !

  • 4.5
    Tapas Sharma

    Its gone bigger and better. This place never disappoints you. Went here for the opening night of the cafe & the whole place was full of energy. Ambience & service both are good. Talking specifically about food here for this review, sandwiches & cold coffee was really good. Overall this place is really good to chill out with friends or family. They also have karaoke nights, live music, violin & piano nights etc..

  • 4.5
    Arjun Rao

    There is some magic with this brand. While every other resto/eatery struggles to stay afloat, this place is an absolute magnet for the foodies, party animals, coffee lovers etc. Stepping in to the massive new property of the HCC is enough proof why it is such a happening place. No burly bouncers and no pesky waiters who want you to keep ordering in exchange for a license to spend time. Amazing drinks and food menu, a relaxed exteriors and electrifying interiors. Awesome sound system and most importantly some very positive vibe which welcoming. Keep it up guys.

  • 4.5
    Hemant Mendiratta

    One of the best place in Hyderabad.. The new place is amazing. What a wonderful launch event it was! Prawns were really tasty apart from chicken and drinks

  • 4.5
    Vaibhav Kabra

    Brilliant. Not a better place to be on a Thursday night. Alive and Kicking. Food is great and the guy at the karaoke is a hit. Drinks are reasonably priced and you'll see the best of crowd - from college to professionals in there. No entry fee is just the icing on the cake. 
    If you are looking for an early weekend - Hit the place without a doubt.

  • 4.5
    Neeti Mathur

    Karaoke nights are so awesome..u can sing your heart out!.

    Food and drinks are served in good quantities.

    tangy chicken and both white and red  sauce pasta's are super yummy!

  • 4.5
    Kaushik Gayal

    Thursday night is must here as its karaoke night. The crowd will mostly be from IT.
    Do go early as this place fills pretty fast. It's over crowded on Thursday
    Friday night is the Bollywood night here and you can do some moves on a small dance floor too.

  • 4.5
    Shashank Juyal

    Very nicely designed cafe I have visited in a long time. Right from ambience to the menu, everything reflects the theme aptly. Cost is definitely on the higher side but its worth. You will get a separate space if you want. With live music going on and awesome tracks from 60s n 70s it certainly made my day. Food i tried litchi smoothie, chocolate icecream and arabiata pasta. All were great in taste. A must visit place to hangout.

    Food: 4.0
    Ambience: 5.0
    Service: 4.5
    Value for money: 4.5

  • 4.5

    Coz if it's for booze and music...this is just the place!! Had he'll lot of fun. The place was just awesome.wid dim fluroscent lights and amazing posters the place just looks so funky nd cool.I tried a plate of pasta which turned out to be pretty awesome. The band performed really really well..

  • 4.5
    Shaheen Mufeed

    Ambience is just great but don't even think of getting in on weekends...it will be crowded...even getting a place to stand is sometimes impossible...but the place has musical night n karaoke...sandwich n their signature mocktails are awesome...

  • 4.5
    Harsh Kapadia

    Rated   Had visited this place a while back and a review was pending for this. I went there on an invite from the foodies group in Hyderabad. It was Thursday, ‘The Karaoke night’, which I thought would just be like most of the others in Hyderabad.

    It started with 1 or 2 tracks here and there and with the crowd coming in; it went on getting louder and amazing as the night went by. I was blown off!

    I started the food parade with Paneer Chutney Tikaa which just melted in my mouth. The paneer was soft and well cooked and the flavors were simply amazing. The others ordered a couple of chicken dishes and heard them say good things about it. I did not order anything more as the only thing I was interested in was the Veg Sizzler which on a fellow foodie’s recommendation I was interested to taste it. It was a mixture of French fries, beans rice and aloo tikkis and had a spread of cream over it. It tasted wonderful.
    Although a slight negative would be that the veg spread was comparatively a bit less to look forward to!

    The price of the alcohol was average enough as in nearly of same levels that we get at other places. The ambiance looks very cool and if you want to enjoy the a day, especially a karaoke night with your friends and simply chill out, then this is the place where you need to be on Thursdays!!

  • 4.5
    Himaanshu Soni

    Relocated to Hyderabad after spending 2 great years in Bangalore. As you can understand coming from Bangalore, the "pub" capital of India as they say, I was searching for a place, which matches my expectation & I found heart cup cafe. I must say this place proved to be above my expectations. Great ambience, food was good, the tub of 4 or 6 pints is a real cool idea. Dance space, open for all, is big advantage at this place. Danced till end with my beer in hand & some pritty girls on the side. Bindas people & a totally cool place.

  • 4.5
    Dishant Vinayak

    Love the music, ambience,crowd and liquor too and the best part you can go in half pants,no restrictions. and my attendance full for  every weekend. :P

  • 4.5

    "I heart heart cup" truly a place to hangout and chill either friends. The drinks are resonantly priced and delish! The food such the Chinese fare is good and enjoyable. The ambience is what makes this place buzzing with life. Karaoke nights are special :) a place to chill with your buddies

  • 4.5
    Malavika Bhaumik

    OMG !!! This place is awesome ...a great cosmopolitan crowd ..try and make it on a Thursday for an amazing Karaoke night !
    The food is yum. It's a fun place to be . !!!

  • 4.5
    Trishari Das

    I visited this place on a Saturday night..took two buckets of beer pint,music was good though the dance floor was crowded..but it was fun..ambience and interior decoration is one of its kind

  • 4.5
    Jatin Narang

    This is a happening place to be on a karaoke night. I sang Californication. We ordered buckets of beer and didn't find a place to sit as there was a huge and highly participating crowd. Went in to have a great time and it was delivered. Can't comment on the food. This visit was far more better than the other one with the Bollywood night which was dull. The staff were always inflexible but the bouncers were friendly.

  • 4.5
    Vipin Basia

    Nice place to hangout with friends , food ambience and service everything is great . Also rates are not nominal which is hard to find at such places. Great place to visit.

  • 4.5
    Mansi Gupta

    1st visit and Love the place ... Go there on a friday night after word and its even more worth it ... They have lots of events featuring live bands and its totally great.
    Talking of the food... Well whatever i orderer last night was totally yumm. Want to go back here and try the main courses.

  • 4.5
    Sneha Goyal

    This is an amazing place just around the corner for me. I went here with friends and just loved it... everything from food, to service to music was fab!!! Could not click pics as my friends did not let me.. next time may be :). The fried rice and Paneer tikka are a must try

  • 4.5
    Anudeep Athreya Panchalavarapu

    I have always loved this place from the day it was beside F lounge and thats only because of karaoke nights on Thursdays. The new place is simple is awesome and big now. We all go to this place for Eddie who is a hell of a singer and the way he sings is pretty cool. Many people sing and get to know their know talent. Its a good stage to showcase their talent.

  • 4.5
    Rahul Basu

    Rated   Ambiance - 4.5/5
    Service - 3.5/5
    Food - 6/5

    Quiet Heartful

    It had been a long time been here but thought should share the review. We visited as a part of Goa reunion & to celebrate the success of one of our dear friend. We did hear a lot of rave reviews about the cafe and that got us excited. We reached the place little shy of 8 and was instantly nostalgic to the uptown Goa ambiance.

    We had some hard time to get a proper seating as the music was too loud and we were not able to hear our conversations. A little later we made our way to one corner close to the dance area and was comfortable. In between sharing memories we ordered our drinks. It was time we got hungry and we ordered the starters. The fish chips tasted up with the tartar sauce and we slurped up almost withing fraction. Time now for the main course. We browsed the menu and was impressed by the exciting offerings of pork, beef, fish, etc which are a little unusual in other food joints.

    While we were awaiting the food, we started to twist our feet in the dance floor. However, this led to our disappointment since it was more than an hour and our order was yet to be ready. Amazed that it takes so much time to get the main courses ready even though they are prepared fresh. However, all our disappointment subdued with the flavor, taste and quantity of the food served here. We cherished the food, the ambiance and off-course the decent crowd which kept the environment lively.

    I would like to see them work on the service part a little more..... :)


  • 4.5
    Vartika Agarwal

    Amazing place. Good thing about this place is its the happening place for young people. Good crowd and different activities are there everyday. Cozy ambience courteous staff and amazing food make u fall in love with the place. We ordered nutty chocolate coffee ot has whipped cream and less coffee taste. Iced mocha was amazing. Baked nachos in good quantity but you need to ask for dips. Arabitta pasta was also good.On Sundays they have live music performance and Saturdays bollywood club night.

  • 4.5
    Shreyance Jain

    This place simply put is happening. This is not for the silent ones though. People who like to party and drink must go there. food is good service is fast and prompt.

  • 4.5
    Ankit Parnami

    Heart cup is a brand and they know how to maintain the brand position and value. this place never give an option to customer to cry or crib. its always crowded but they know how to manage the crowd without affecting the food and service quality. its a WOW place. Right from location, seating, ambiance, service, staff, menu, food, crowd, atmosphere everything is spotless.  KEEP IT UP....

  • 4.5

    Rated   Heart Cup Cafe - I never knew such a fantastic place is tucked in a residential area in the white field, Kondapur. I visited this place on a very sunny day in the late afternoon, and was welcomed by the cool and pleasant ambiance. They have outdoor and indoor seating options; I preferred the indoors due to the hot summer and during the winters outdoor seating would be a great place to have fun.
    The ambiance is kept very simple and spacious. The interiors are bamboo based and leather seats. There are lots of graffiti and painting on the walls, I guess the promoter has a great taste for paintings. They have small dance floor and place for live music for the Karaoke nights. Nice concepts and thoughts, they may seem to be simple but can make wonders.

    We were promptly seated and taken order. We visited during the happy hours, so we were more than happy to accept the offers and we ordered chicken drumsticks and Buffalo chicken wings. The place was empty when we entered, but in no time the tables were taken as the evening started to unfold. In the mean time the food and drinks was served in good time. The food was really piping hot and presentation was great. I could not wait to grab them, started off with the Buffalo wings and it is a blast in the mouth with amazing flavor of the buffalo sauce which was simply incredible and scrumptious. It was perfect sync with my drink and I was totally engrossed in savoring them. I had majority of the Buffalo wings leaving my friends wanting for more. I then tried the chicken drumsticks which was also perfectly done and did like them too, but the flavor of the Buffalo wings was simply the best.

    We had to rush to dinner at another place, so had to stop here and I promise I would come back here for relishing on others delicacies and enjoy the lovely environment. Service was prompt and the stewards are well equipped with all the information about what to suggest to the customer to keep them happy. Tables and chairs are neat and clean. Rest rooms are hygienic. Parking is ample. Pricing is little on the higher end but never mind for the quantity and quality food they are providing.

    Overall I am impressed with this place and would look forward to be at this place to spend a wonderful time. It is one of the best places in city to hang out and kill time with good food and music.

    Ambiance 4.5/5
    Food Quantity 4.5/5
    Food Quality 4.5/5
    Pricing 4.5/5


  • 4.5
    Rohit Seth

    Rated   After just one visit, this place has become one of my favorites due to the amazing overall experience it provides. Went here for the Karaoke Night that takes place on Thursdays and was blown away by the hustle and bustle of the people singing and dancing all around. The Karaoke is definitely the highlight which makes the place worth visiting with people you to enjoy with. It is jamm packed and you would find a hard time moving around after 10. The people ans especially those who are singing are great.

    The Ambiance is also good for the type of atmosphere they intend to create, wooden furnishings and special dancing area go very well with the concept. it gives you the right kind of feel of not too classy and otherwise.

    Now coming to the food, I tried Paneer Chutney Tikaa and it was perfect, soft and flavorsome. Quantity was okay. Murgh malai Tikka again was superb, very soft succulent chicken with good taste, quantity was good too. Lebanese Kebab was slightly cold and hard, tasty but not as appetizing as the previous ones. And lastly the only Veg Sizzler on the menu, which was again very good. It had cream topped upon a preparation of potato vegetable tikkis(very soft), french fries, beans and rice. The drinks are highly priced like most other places, beer is as chilled as it gets, very enjoyable.
    The service is on the slower side since they are not as adequately staffed to handle huge crowds(don't know why). The menu is not the same as on Zomato.

    Overall, it is a must visit on Karaoke Nights for a gala time with friends. Don't know about other days.

  • 4.5
    Namrata Gupta

    I was there last saturday! Great place..! Great crowd! Great food! N great music! Good hangout place .. just try to be there early so that you get good place to sit .. :D

  • 4.5
    Sunil Kumar Mohapatra

    The ambience of this place is something you will love the most. The service is good, prices are bit on the higher side but overall the ambience compensates everything else. A good place to hang out with friends, family or even you can go alone.

  • 4.5
    Sai Teja

    Been here for New Year eve really enjoyed a lot..place is awesome,good ambience !
    Live music and DJ experience is great here and finally coming to FOOD is very tasty !!

  • 4.5
    Neetika Rochwani

    Perfect union of good food and pleasant ambience!
    Why should you visit this place? If you enjoy dancing to crazy bollywood numbers after you had relishing food. 
    Visited on saturday evening.
    Depending on your mood you can choose to be seated at the lounge area or have a peaceful dinner time outdoors.
    Ambience: Outdoors was soothing with perfect lighting. The lounge area is huge where you can enjoy your drinks with decent music.
    Food: Delicious!! Must try options here, Italian cheese fingers, tandori murgh malai tikka, big brownie bite.
    Price wise: Good value for you money and time. Portion size was acceptable.
    Around 11 bollywood music was played and within no time dance floor was fully occupied.

  • 4.5
    Amlan Mishra

    This place is amazing, to say the least. Went there with 6 friends and absolutely loved it. The live music scene is superb here(Classic Rock fan alert). All kinds of classics. The food is lovely. The service is quite quick, despite the rush. The staff is friendly and polite. Just go and have an amazing time.

    Verdict: Once more. Once more. Once more.

  • 4.5
    Supraja Narayanan

    a must place for great fun with a group of friends and value for money..unlike other high end coffee shops of lounges ,this place should be definitely applauded for the quantity and also maintaining the quality along with it..the soups are served with a great choice of breads..the mocktails are a must try.best part about the place is its choice of ambiance,either eat out or eat it..Thursdays and Fridays are a must visit to this place.a perfect place for a relaxing weekend..esp when you don't like pub culture but enjoy music

    value for money-4/5 (1 point reduced coz drinks are very expensive)

  • 4.5
    Elijah Sharma

    Did a great job moving to the new place. Much more spacious now. Ambience is great. Food as always is good. Good service. Good vfm. One of the very few places i love in hyd. Can't give it a 5 cause the valet guy scratched my car :p

  • 4.5
    Tanvi Nabar

    The ambience is good and so is the food. Its a nice place to chill with friends in the evening or to catch a late lunch on weekends.

  • 4.5
    Arpan Banerjee

    This was in my list for a long time, heard a lot about it and finally was there in an afternoon. I liked the ambiance and there sitting arrangements. We ordered pizza and one starter as we were only two of us. Got happy hours in beer along wid LIIT. The ambiance is really cool. Food was also good enough.

  • 4.5
    Terence K Rakesh

    By far HCC are the best chill out and most happening places in the city. Live music and drinks. Beautiful ambiance. Every visit of mine to this place was memorable. They got indoor/Outdoor seating arrangements. 

    Ambiance : 4
    Food : 4.5
    Service : 4.5
    VFM : 4

    Final Verdict:Located very near to most of the IT companies. Mostly you'll find these people with their company ID tags. During weekends this place will be overflowing with crowd. Threeeory band, you guys just lit fire on the stage with your fusion music. Great place to hangout with friends and have some memorable time with drinks in hand.

  • 4.5
    Sonia G

    I don't no why but somehow I never wrote a review of this place! So finally I am writing about this cafe, no count of my visits to this place as it's the best option near by my office. Lunch, dinner, evening snacks, drinks, karaoke nights and Saturday's parties, I have tried them all. Manchurian, cheese chilli toast, grilled
    Chicken, cold coffee and mock tails are my favourite here. Great service, tasty food, good ambience, must go cafe for all!

  • 4.5
    Bhavya Rathi

    Lovely Ambience! Great food. We ordered a coffee, a chicken steak sizzler and a stuffed mushroom with cheesy paprika sauce. The mushroom was delicious. According to my friends even the chicken was good.

    I really loved the coffee.
    A little pricy but worth it.

  • 4.5
    Shankar Chowdary Pentyala

    This place is one of the best ones to try!!Ambience,drinks,live music,seating all are equally good!Dance floor is a bit small one.The place is crowded and has a sociable atmosphere!

  • 4.5

    This is probably the highest rating I've given to a restaurant, the place is beyond amazing. Has both open and closed seating and the arrangements are amazing. Live music stole my heart, it was beautiful. We had a sizzler and chilli garlic bread, both were brilliant. The staff is extremely polite. Loved it! Excellent ambience, and excellent service keep up the good work!

  • 4.5
    Mithun Pj

    Rated   Cafe heart or Cafe 'Latte' (as it was popularly known) is arguably the most happening place in an around Hitec city area. F-Cafe and Heart Cup are like Siamese twins with an entry to latter from the ground floor of the former . The customer can opt to sit outside(smoking & hooka allowed) or inside the cafe. If you are seated Outside : You can converse , try Hokaah or smoke , attender response is delayed , will be bitten to death by the mosquitoes, can get extremely hot during summers
    If you are seated Inside : Loud music ,forget any kind of conversation planned , quick attender service, dance floor

    The problem with Heart Cup is that it gets overcrowded quite often - especially during the weekends. Always make it a point to reach the cafe before 9 p.m or do make a reservation in advance. The interiors were nicely decorated with the hanging lamps and the cane work on the ceiling . One differentiator is that the walls have pictures of all the legends in music , movies , politics and science hung beautifully.We couldn't get a seating inside initially but was fortunate to get one before the heavy crowd inflow. Five of us could push in on a four seater sofa quite comfortably. I really liked the music played which consisted of the club mix of regular hip hop blockbusters.

    The menu was quite elaborate and was a non vegetarian delight. For starters we ordered ,
    Paneer Malai Tikka : The paneer was soft as usual but the taste of malai earned it the bonus mark. It was served with green chutney and the regular onion/carrot salad
    Chicken barbeque drumsticks : The favorite - dipped in barbeque sauce and served with a good sauce (not sure) was tasty as ever. Strangely , my hands had become a little too sticky after getting hold of the pieces
    Fried Mozarella sticks : It looked like a small fried hot dog . These sticks have mozzarella cheese written all over it and one could feel the quality of cheese with the first bite

    We decided to take a break and ordered some drinks . The beer bucket (549 for 4 beers) and mojito were asked for. Meanwhile , the DJ had switched gear and got to a Punjabi song spree which made half of the public dance to his tunes. We also joined in after couple of drinks. By that time our hunger had settled down and we went for a single dish to end the course - the Tex Mex Veg sizzler. I couldn't get hold of what it actually was and tasted like mixture of Mexican rice , cutlet and Mayo with french fries. The cheque was delivered with a 10% Deloitte discount ( ID card or visiting card required) . The very satisfied us left cafe while others where still dancing to the hip hop punjabi DJs music. To summarize in Hindi ' Mahaul jama hua tha udhar'

    Ambiance : 5/5
    Food : 4.5/5
    Service : 3/5
    Value for Money : 4.5/5

  • 4.5
    Mehul Ashar

    This place rocks!

    It has great energy, good food and fantastic ambience.
    We went for an after office dinner and we're glad with the choice we made. These guys go the extra mile to ensure things are right. Nicely places small fans on the outdoor area. The live kitchen keeps dishing out pizzas and bread.

    The food and wine were good. We likes the starters and main course. They can do better in desserts as the choice is a limited.

    The service is a bit slow. Also because the place is brimming. All the seats are occupied so I don't blame the guys. They were courteous and prompt when requested. I would give them an extra point there.

    The ambience is super! You don't feel like you are in Hyderabad. It's a very chilled out place on a busy street.

    Go with your gang for some drinks and starters. Or with family for lunch on a weekend. This place will not disappoint.

  • 4.5
    Brinda Roy

    Went there on a sunday evening with my sister. There was a really good band playing songs on request unlike most other lounges playing loud music . Loved the ambience on that particular day. Ordered a few drinks and some finger food. It was a good experience 🙂

  • 4.5
    Divya Nimbawat

    After a bad experience at TGI Friday We Went To This Place. This place was almost full, luckily got some place.
    Reservation - Recommended If you wouldn't like to roam around searching for a place like this. Ordered Corn & Manchurian - They Took A Bit Of Time But It Was Worth Waiting.
    Manchurian - 5/5 (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

  • 4.5
    Prateek Bahety

    One of mu favourite lounges.m..previously was located near laxmi cyberspace...but the new one is even more bigger and better...nachos and garlic bread are awesome!!!!! Huge variety of mocktails as well...

  • 4.5
    Radhika Mamidi

    Many weeks back I had read about this place in the restaurant review section of Times of India (Friday). Ever since, I wanted to go. Finally, we went last Wednesday for lunch. Awesome! The reviews are true to their word. My sons had chicken steak and chicken sizzler and I had fish steak. Our friend had a veg combo meal. The starters and the non-alcoholic drinks were nice. We all liked the main course. The ambiance is quite nice. I was amazed to see such a spacious place. It left me happy through the long weekend week. Want to go again on a night when there is some entertainment - music or stand up comedy show.

  • 4.5
    Dheeraj Vishnu

    We went there for dinner..its really a cool place to hang out. Talking about food, I was dying to have an authentic chicken steak in Hyd which fortunately I found here. Ambience..good, service..good, food..good what else u expect from a good rest..

  • 4.5
    Anup Kumar Sharma

    Perfect ambience to enjoy beer with friends on weekend.They have got good options for food. Pizza specifically was awesome. However we found service bit slow, for some of our order it took 30 mins to serve. Overall experience was great and looking forward for some more visits!

    We should have more places like this which offer open space as bar.

  • 4.5

    So this is a very cool place.. Live band singin with whom I could sing alone and get lost in the rhythm.. The food was ok . The malai broccoli was good. The crispy potato was too oily so we didn't even finish it. The pizza was not balanced with flavors. Too much of olives in 1 bite and other bite nothing. But the pizza base was crunchy and fresh.The ambience is to kill for. One can just be there and relax no need for a spa.next time need to try their cocktails- totally a get away from a tired days work

  • 4.5
    Richa Sharma

    This place is for the best place in Hyderabad and food served here was decent. Ambience is pretty great too. If you are party freak and want to dance then go inside and drink till you drop or if you want some quite time then you have the option of sitting outside. I will visit this place soon.

  • 4.5
    Kiran Nambiar

    This place is really cool..amazing ambience and the mist sprayer and the kareoke night every Thursday . it's such a delight to be here.. They have good spot outside to take a gal out on a date too. And a ramp to show off your dancing skills 😬

  • 4.5
    Pillutla Sharath

    Nice place to have quality time.
    Place has both indoor and outdoor seating.
    I liked atmosphere outside, food and service is good. Will visit again

  • 4.5
    Vijay Kubal

    Probably the most "in" place in Hyderabad. Been here about 5 odd times now and the place never disappoints. I would have given it 5 stars however the service is a bit late. Both drinks and food are competitively priced and there is little to complain about.

  • 4.5

    Rated   I don't know how to begin - well let me start off by saying we visit this place every weekend!
    The ambience - the outside is beautifully lit, and has a whole lot of cane furniture so well spaced that even though it can seat many people each table is still private and you will know you are in the midst of people who love to have a good time but the place will never feel crowded. They have a wood fire oven outside that sets off the lovely fragrance of baking pizzas at all times.
    Speaking of the ambience inside, it takes inspiration from Vintage Hollywood. The inside is extremely spacious, and lit perfectly to give you both the warmth of a cafe and the comfort of a bar. There is music playing here all throughout, with a DJ or a band rocking the place after 9.
    Their pizzas are amazing, and I have travelled quite a bit and I can safely say the Rustic pizza that they serve is one of the best pizzas in the world. Chicken 65 is another staple of ours when we visit this place. It is spicy and tangy and is perfect bar food. It is a must try when you visit. We tried the apple pie last time we were there and it was absolutely delicious.
    The beer is chilled and fresh which is definitely a big plus. The cold coffee is excellent too.
    This place is definately a weekend heaven with great food, amazing drinks, a comforting ambience and friendly service!

  • 4.5

    Loved the ambience.....best place for foodies, if u have a gang never miss dis place,
    Service - 3.5/5
    Ambience - 5/5

    Dont miss irish frappe....cold coffee lovers must try it

  • 4.5
    Sourav Saha

    Just awesome!!

    Went for a small treat (my treat :( ) with a friend of mine today afternoon. It was an awesome experience. The ambiance and the looks of the restaurant itself was so beautiful, you will be forced to give it a try.

    Due to the sun and heat, we sat indoors, and it was really a good decision. The interiors were decorated beautifully with a proper and spacious seating arrangement.

    We ordered two chocolate shakes, a plate of pasta and cheese balls, and I must say, all were so delicious that I don't remember having such delicious items anywhere else.

    Just a little towards the costly side, the only downside, but shouldn't stop form enjoying anyways.

    I will definitely visit again with my other friends who haven't visited Heart Cup Coffee yet.

  • 4.5
    Ankit Mandal

    Rated   Visited Heart Cup this last weekend with my friends and was utterly shocked at what I saw. It made an awesome first impression with the brilliant looking outdoor seating and indoors which you could fall in love with! Excellent artwork and collages caught everyone's eye and we were really glad to have found this place(locating HC is a bit difficult).
    Their menu is huge. I haven't been to many places having such a wide variety of coffees,shakes,smoothies, mocktails under non-alcoholic drinks in addition to the normal alcoholic beverages. We ordered Big Brownie Bite, HCC Combo, Nutty Cold Cafe, Lithchi Smoothie and Apple Smoothie and each and every drink had that special something in it. Garlic Breads and Fires were just yummy.
    The service was nice and friendly with no complains whatsoever. With so many drinks/dishes yet to be tried am totally gonna visit this place umpteen number of times.
    One of those few mood changing places where you can just relax,chat,laugh and enjoy fullon! A must visit for people staying in Gachibowli, Kondapur, Hitech-city area.

    Food and Drinks- 9/10
    Service- 8/10
    Value for Money-8/10

  • 4.5
    Tarusha Saxena

    Rated   Having stayed in Bangalore for 4.5 years, I had great difficulty in finding a good cosy, casual, beer - club sorts restaurant/ cafe/ lounge in Hyderabad. Finally with a friend's recommendation me and my flatmate landed at Heart Cup Cafe located in Kondapur.

    This cafe captivates you right from the entrance to the menu, ambiance and music. It is a tastefully done restaurant which has two seating areas - Open air and Inside (with AC). I would recommend inside as you will get to listen to some awesome numbers which will set your moods just right for the evening.

    Menu is a treat by itself and don't be surprised if you find yourself stealing away some sexy blonde jokes and secrets of Jackie Chang movies while going through the never ending list of food items. Heart Cup Cafe is a multi-cuisine restaurant offering international cuisines like Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Lebanese, Indian and many others.

    Since my friend was a vegetarian, we ordered Veg Sizzler and Veg Rice Noodles. While the later was a wonderful preparation, Sizzler was a let down. Mocktails and other drinks were good. The food comes in good proportions and all in all tastes good.

    My special vote goes for their music jockey who has a great taste for music. A meal for two will come to around Rs. 600 - 700.

    They host Karaoke Nights on weekends which are a 'must- go-stuff".

    I would not shy away from admitting that this place is by far the best of all the restaurants I have been to in Hyderabad.

    Great place, good food and mind blowing music!!

    I feel "awesomeness"


    Ambiance: 4/5
    Food: 3.5/5
    Service: 4/5
    Value for Money:4/5

  • 4.5
    Rudradeep Chatterjee

    One of the simple n best hangouts in the city...

    U can sit...for long...dance ...booze eat...chat...very cool nd calm place.

    In the heart of IT City.. though feels serene... in daytime and glossy in night time

  • 4.5
    Shobhraj Shakdupia

    Very good place to chill out with your friends. Has options for lunch, evening snacks/coffee, booze/party at night. If you want to talk and spend a quality time, you can sit outdoors; if you want to party, you can go inside where you have a dance floor and loud music. On Thursdays, Karaokes are held where you can bring out the singer in you. Reasonable price. This place has turned Kondapur into a happening place. Need more of such places around.

  • 4.5

    Don't remember how many times I have been here. Every time it amazes me with its lively environment. Music great. Food ticked good. Once in a while the food can disappoint like the biryani but rest times its good. Drinks are good except few but the staff will make sure that ultimately you get a good one.

    Fridays you won't even get a place if come late. Outside seating is great.

    Karaoke nights are good.

    Can be visited anytime.

  • 4.5

    Awesome place! The food, drinks and mocktails on the menu are totally awesome. Try the 'Lawrence of Arabia' mocktail. The menu card is fascinating and it's a nice place to go out with friends/family.

    The Indian dishes on the menu are a touch disappointing but the rest of the items are delectable. They have a theme for almost every day of the week and some of the live bands performing are superb.

  • 4.5
    Sanchit Maheshwari

    This place is worth visiting over the weekends and on Thursdays for the karaoke nights .
    The nachos and the wood pan pizza are the dishes worth tasting here.

  • 4.5
    Srinivas Suri

    Amazing place, go at night times, I'm taying 4.5 for the amazing dance floor they have, :), food was good, but it's worth 4.5 based on the fact that you can go there and start dancing ;)

  • 4.5
    Anupam Gautam

    Finally I reached HCC.heared a lot about this place and finally on one friend's bday we landed up here.First of all situated at a reachable location. Ambience: ambience is awesome,the best part was they did not cut out the trees in fact they did something which is a visual treat. And this ambience will welcome u with a soulful performance.what more could you ask for. Fortunately it was a live music nyt so we had lot of fun. Now the menu,menu is widespread one and we went for dinner and drinks. Strawberry smoothie was awesome but the mocha freeze was pathetic. Starters were good (corn kernels,pudina paneer tikka,some chicken dish). And finally main course,now this is something very impressive,usually in pubs we don't get good main course food ,but the food here won our hearts. Overall experience is awesome,you will not be disappointed.

  • 4.5
    Sreekanth Tangirala

    Good food... Good environment... Loved the garlic bread...

  • 4.5
    Spandan Swain

    Rated   This place is situated beside the TCS office in kondapur area.The moment you enter this place you would fall in love with the ambiance .They have beautifully made the ambiance with both outdoor and indoor seating .They have live music and dj do play on weekends and friday.
    We prefered to sit outdoor .I was in love with the atmosphere and the way they have made seating arrangement . Smoking is allowed and they have wide variety of alcohols.We had ordered american corn and tandoori platter, panner tikka .The best was tandoori platter the meat was cooked perfectly with apt amount of spices.Booze was good.In main course there was some kinda veg curry , lacha paratha and chowmin don not remember the exact names as i was already drunk with 4 tequila shots :P , just remember all were good and i was eating everything.My friends had some drinks in desert which is in pic do not remember its name.I would have given a 5 out of 5 for this place had the service been fast and food tasted much better.
    But the show stealer was the ambiance , i am in love with the atmosphere and i am gonna travel again all the way from Bhubaneswar to hyderabad again for this place , olive bistro and Absolute barbeque.
    Food - 4.5/5
    Ambiance - 5/5
    Service - 4/5
    Value for money - 5/5

  • 4.5

    I know heart cup cafe since a long time. Loud music and drinks on any night then this is the place. Crowd is usually good. This is one of the few places that serves good food with liquor. Mutton pulav here is one of my favorites. Most of the starters are good. I still have to try a lot of things on menu but I end up ordering Mutton pulao most of the times. Tandoori prawns are good too. Only thing missing here is hookah. I had pizza twice here it's good too. Ambiance and staff are very good. All in all this is a regular place for me. I wish they serve more imported beers.
    #heartcupcafe #saturdaynights #loudmusic #hyderabad #hitechcity #nightlife #mutton

  • 4.5
    Karthik Gandhi

    Rated   Date : 14 NOV 2015
    Location : Inside lane from Kothaguda junction, this is neatly tucked in a small lane beside TCS Vijay e-Park Office. This was previously where eat 3 restuarant was housed and I'm so glad HCC moved right across the lane to this place. Aptly fits their profile and theme.

    Visit Scenario : This was an organized Customer Cocktail Workshop arranged by Liquid Art Bangalore and hosted by Spoorthy Krishna at HCC.

    The place is perfectly planned and decored from the gate till the bar. Everything about it has been well executed and keep the rustic woodish theme in every single nick n corner... We had set lunch for the event and they served salad and Choice of Italian/Pan Asian/Indian . preferred for my all time fav chicken alfredo sauce penne pasta.. The salad and the paste were nailed to perfection and were super yumm.. The long garlic bread (a diff twist) as they normally serve the regular ones was also aptly made to match the softness of the pasta.

    The overall session was an eye opener for foodies like that the respect I had for cocktails and the bar tenders went multi fold post this workshop. One of the famous mixologists Venkatesan Sonaivel (Sonai) was the mentor for us in the workshop and he gave us ample history, ,details about the various alcohol drinks, how to make awesome cocktails out of them and also made us try the same. 

    We made Whiskey Sour, Basilian, Old Fashioned, Tequilla Sunrise, Class Margarita, Jamuntini, Mai Tai, Orange Daiquri, Classic Daiquri, Virgin Mojito, Sex o the beach and cosmpolitan.

    Overall an awesome event and not to forget the service and the warm friendly support from HCC Stafff. A Class Event..


  • 4.5
    Abhishek Madav

    Awesome music, great ambience and an alacrity in the environment! Make sure you make your way to the dance stage and shake a thing tonight!

  • 4.5
    Anirudh GV

    Nice groovy place.. Wit awesome food and booze.. Place was happening on a Thursday evening. Can expect how it will be on Saturdays.. Prefect pace to chill n relax.. And heard up to all the social network buffs, WIFI is on the house.. I go with an awesome 4.5 value and a nice experience.. A must go indeed

  • 4.5
    Shikha Pandey

    Pleasant change of ambience in Hyderabad. It has indoor and outdoor sitting arrangement. Music is apt. Food is tasteful and the entire layout of the place is different then what you usually experience in Hyderabad. There is always something you can expect from stand ups to band performance. If you want classic weekends among good looking people....then it's means your Heart is calling for Cup of Coffee

  • 4.5

    Awesome place with great drinks and food , best place for weekend hangout with friends and office meet , liked music and lighting and ramp walk is superb a must visit place for fun ride and ambience is also good

  • 4.5
    Prakhar Sikarwar

    Go and just enjoy the Dance floor and cheer up for every moment there.Today's Hallowe'en was amazing and One of the best place to chill....!

  • 4.5
    Shawn Pereira Do Carmo

    Heart Cup Kondapur has the same review as I spoke of the for the Jubilee Hills branch. It has a added flavour where ambience is concerned.

    Must try the Maple chicken with mustard, all the Chinese.

    The Pizza is also great, it has a nice taste of the wood fire oven which they use.

    The bartenders are your best friends while you are there, they whip up some awesome cocktails i especially love the LIT and also make your simple rum and coke taste so good with the little bit of friendship added to it.

  • 4.5
    Karthik Valvekar

    Loved the place and the food was good.. the walnut cold coffee was amazing and must try.. disappointed that no draught beer was there.. should try to give Budweiser in combo as complimentary.. nice ambience.. Will visit again..

  • 4.5
    Ajay Maniyar

    Was there last night for the Karaoke Night. Fortunately had a Booking and was received courteously by Mr. Vilas, who's the GM there. Enough written about the spacious place and Ambiance. Was packed to the core by 9.30.

    I had ordered for a Viking Quest, which is a part of their Signature Cocktails. Served in a tall Horn Glass, It was just amazing with the right amount of Mixers. Also, had couple of beers alongside.

    We had also ordered for English Green Vegetable Salad, which was decent and Pesto Grilled Cottage Cheese Sandwich, which was amazing.

    Overall an excellent experience with a courteous staff.

  • 4.5
    Satish Joseph

    Hands down my favourite place in Hyderabad. The ambience is very relaxing. The waiters are very cordial and prompt all the time. The food is delicious. My friends and I have a lot of beef cravings. So we come here very often. Try the beef burger and the beef steak and egg. It will blow your mind. I'm surely going to miss this place when I'm away from hyderabad.
    Food- 9/10
    Ambience- 9/10
    Value for money - 7/10
    Overall- 8.5/10.

  • 4.5
    Mahesh RajaSagi

    This place has become my regular joint as this is close to my home. Top on my list in this place is KF draught beer with cashew chicken. The ambience is super cool with half moon leather seating inside and relaxed outdoor seating. Place is in a lane free of busy traffic. Service is good. Almost whatever food ordered in this place never disappointed. Visited 3 times in last month. Weekend evenings are very crowded.

  • 4.5
    Shivani Shukla

    We were tired and looking for a place at tht time one of fren recommend Heart Cup. It is a nice place to hangout with frens and chat. Drinks are expensive. Food is not that bad. But there is live music and outside seating area which was good and it was crowded on a Tuesday night. So good. !!!

  • 4.5
    Sirivella Suman

    Rite in the heart of the corporate hub this place has a great ambience along vd great food nd beverages. I loved being there be it for music or food nd beverages too. If i am in locaitly then this is the place i wud prefer going.

  • 4.5
    Anvesh Chowdary

    Been there for new year party.. Liked the ambiance food people and dj was also good. Perfect outing place for weekend.. Biryani was fabulous no idea weather it is there in regular time

  • 4.5
    Vinodh Iyengar

    This is a fantabulous place. You would fall in love with the ambience and the taste of the food 🍴. Staff have been very courteous. It's bright and Woodhaven outside and its cosy inside. One of the best coffees obviously. Thanks to Vilas. Manager heart ♥ cup 🏆

  • 4.5
    Rifhad Pirani

    The best Thursday nights karaoke! Hollywood songs , food and mock tails are the ideal combination ! You dance and enjoy the lovely food !
    Ambience- 5/5
    Food - 4/5

  • 4.5
    Shrinivas Ayyagari

    The first experience that hits your senses it the relaxed atmosphere. Even during lunch, the place is lively and inviting. The food compliments the over-all experience by tingling your taste buds till you can eat no more. All they need is to a chauffeured service to drop you home.

  • 4.5

    Some how I visited this place and got addicted. Such an awesome place to hangout. Coffee menu is too economical whereas food is on expensive side. Hazelnut hot chocolate and mutton pulav are my personal favorites. It's become a custom for me to visit this place. Visit this place and I guarantee u will get addicted.

  • 4.5
    Shyam Gupta

    Rated   Heart Cup Coffee like heaven on earth, I don't have words to describe the beauty of this place. I visited this place on Thursday night ( karaoke night), it was filled with food lovers. I have never ever visited such a wonderful place in Hyderabad before. My hats off to the designer, interior derocator and everyone who involved in the creation of masterpiece (Heart Cup Coffee). It has both indoor and outdoor seating, more than 150 people can easily accomodate at a time. I think, I praised a lot about ambience and now its time to rate food. Friends, I have visited this place during navratra therefore, I was limited with option ( no onion, garlic etc). Finaly after scanning the long list of Menu, I have ordered 2 Cold Coffee Mocha and French Fries. It was well prepared, cold coffee was excellent and the french fries was crunchy and perfectly fried. I will definitely visit this place after navratra, I believe thier main course will be as good as thier coffee and french fries. Heart Cup Coffee is a blend of ambience and food. If you are a party animal than try this place once.

  • 4.5
    Tarun Yadalam

    It's located right behind TCS. This is a very hip and happening place always full of energetic crowd. It's very crowded usually around the happy hours with people laying back on the couches and boozing on a Beer bucket. It also has a great dance floor. It's more like a ramp and after 9pm almost every guest could be seen on this. Food is alright but if you are a vegetarian, watch out, it has only four vegetarian starters. The bar counter is also very huge and you can find loads of people doing shots. It's a great place for party goers and dance enthusiasts. Prior recommendation is advised otherwise you may have to wait for the crowd to clear which is very difficult..

  • 4
    Sumit Gupta

    Best bar near kothaguda,awesome food,great ambience...DJ is fine,starters and snacks are just superb..

  • 4
    Poorna Banerjee

    Quaint and serene, I loved the music... A combination of eighties and nineties rock... With hints of pop and rap thrown in... I was soon singing along while sipping my caramel frappe that smelled and tasted strongly of caramel and coffee... A lovely combo. Once done... I ordered a latte with some mushroom kurkuri.

    Bits of mushrooms encased in spring roll wrapper and deep fried. Served with green chutney it was pretty tasty. My friend ordered mocha shake and it was pretty good according to them.


  • 4
    Anamika Mondal

    One of my favourites...hang out there a lot. Because of the good food, drinks and nice american ambience. Service is good. And it meets all your needs. Booths for the drinkers and chatters. Discs for the fun loving. Karaoke on thursdays. And outdoor seating for cafe seekers. All in one.

  • 4
    Kiran Kommana

    This movie themed cafe gets your attention at the entrance itself with the epic "The God Father" poster on its entry gate. You will find the posters of famous Hollywood movies, film directors, actors/actresses. Indian/English music artists and music directors all over the place.
    We visited on a Thursday and its karaoke night. The place is fully crowded and people are chilling their brains out.

    With wood all over, it portrays a perfect sit&chat cafe. Both the outdoors and indoors have a very comfortable seating arrangement.

    With all the mock tails named after famous Hollywood celebs and movies (Drew Barrymore, Al Pacino, The Day after Tomorrow etc.,) the menu is of very wide range including south Indian, north Indian, Chinese and Italian dishes. It takes a min of 10 mins to pick your order. And you wont be disappointed.

    Body language and approach of the staff is very professional and the way they suggests you the dishes according to your preferences is notable.

    It takes not-quick-not-late time for the order to reach your table.

    Our order that day includes Chicken tikka avakai, Wrapped Tawa Fish, Veg Spring Rolls, Corn Kernel, Chicken pulao & Mutton pulao.

    ***Along with pitcher, we order chicken tikka avakai as it sounded a little Andhra. and its too good that we repeated it again. If you're are a spicy chicken lover, you must and should try Chicken tikka avakai.***

    Wrapped Tawa Fish, Veg Spring Rolls are Corn Kernel are good too. Nothing new in the taste. Not-good-not bad types. But Rs 250 for Corn kernel. Its seemed expensive.

    *** After having our pitcher, and when we are looking in the menu for biryani, the attender suggested us the Pulao's. And believe me, the pulao won over biryani with a very wide margin. Ever since, we have been visiting Heart Cup for pulao alone. It's a bit spicy but for sure tickles your taste buds.***

    Prices of non-veg items are very handy. But that of veg sounded a bit pricey.

    Try to visit the place on karaoke night (Thursday), and you will remember this place for long.
    Appearance, it looked good. Music, it sounded good. Food, it tasted good. Go and give it a hit..!!

  • 4
    Napheel Yehsan

    First thing comes to my mind about this place is good music and always good crowd . You feel energized once you enter the place . Love the garlic bread here . You tend to munch it more and more once you are here . Ambience is good both outdoor and indoor . Karaoke nights organized here are also commendable.

  • 4
    Ashwin Mathews

    My usual get away place for an affordable, yummy meal. The music and a few drinks on the side, along with a very good selection of food, makes Heart cup, a really nice way to spend an evening.

  • 4
    Achintya Agarwal

    Went there in a Friday evening after a long week for some drinks, food and of course music. The setting was pretty good, with an outdoor area as well as an indoor area. The ambiance was good and comfortable with comfortable tables and chairs. The DJ was especially good, dishing out some good mixes and in general playing very well. The drinks were not very highly priced and were good on the pocket. The food here was good, the quantity of their servings is amazing and tasty too. A good place to just unwind after a hard day with a group of friends, some drinks, good music and conversation. Will surely be visiting this place again.

  • 4
    Saurabh Thawali

    You must be thinking why i rated it 4.0 ....there are lot of reasons for them....1st'ly  why someone go to some restro/cafe/outdoor ?/  its simple....for fun, good time ..good music....nice people ...lovely ambience ....sometime to enjoy football or some other sport .....n sometime for madness :P ....when i visited this place with my gang (we call then CHURAA Gang) ..we got all ths here .....and am telling u ...even if u dont get a table here .....its best ;) roam eveyywhere wid ur gang....and u'll not believe after 11.30 pm on weekends ths place will become CSTM-THANE local train ;) with awesome crowd .....and we played hide and seek here after 11.30 ....and it was madly awesome :P .....we celebrated our frnds b'day and then all left with lots of memories and good fUUd, Muzik and ...something wic i can't explain it here ; ) ;) ...check it once on Saturday night ..and if u need some company call me ;) ;)

  • 4
    Bhavesh Joshi

    Right in the center of the corporate hub. Loved the interior of this restaurant, the wall was covered with vinyls, graffiti and vintage movie posters. A good place to hangout with your friends and you must visit this place on a weekend. Good food and great service!

  • 4
    Palash Nagari

    Probably the best place to spend your saturday night in the city.
    Theres Booze, theres Music.
    The DJ is sensational.
    The Crowd is amazing, The ambience is Nothing less than perfection for a Party.

  • 4
    Satyaprakash Pareek

    Very laid back place to spend your Saturday afternoons and very lively place to spend your Friday nights. Their coffee is good and ambiance is perfect.
    Try their moccachino.

  • 4
    Pranay Newar

    If u enjoy karaoke. Then this is the place to be on a Thursday night.

  • 4
    Purba Mukherjee

    I really like this place a lot - it's very close to my house and it's a lovely place. The ambiance, the service and the crowd. It's where I would like to bring my guests in Hyderabad if they ask me where Hitec City guys will prefer to chill out after a hard day in office. The inside as well as the outside sitting arrangement both is meant to have a relaxing time. The wall-mounts of Hollywood classics are interesting. Food is tasty and filling. Price is similar to places like Chillis or TGIF, perhaps.

  • 4
    Manish Agarwal

    been there on a sunday evening. they were showing some movie,

    must say that was a different & nice experience..
    I always check out their fb page (Creaking Projector) for next screening.

    apart from that they have gud food with decent service.

  • 4

    The place looks pretty good. Its more of a bar and a pub.
    Now... to the food! for appetizers, I ordered Chili chicken, thai pai chicken, fried mozzerella and garlic bread. The chili chicken was good and the Thai Pai chicken was the best chicken appetizers i have ever consumed in my life! That sauce was amazing!!! The fried mozzerella was okay, its wasnt as food as other places. Same for the garlic bread. For main course, I ordered Fajita, Alfredo, butter nan with butter chicken and also pepperoni pizza. The pizza sucked as well as the alfredo because the sauce wasnt thick atl all. The fajita was really really good and so was the nan with butter chicken. Overall, the place was good!

  • 4

    I've sat here for coffee and a full meal on more than 5 occasions. The menu is lovely - i know it can sound like any other coffee place in the city but their food is really awesome. And their coffee really is nice and from the heart!
    ambiance - very different and cozy -9/10
    service 9/10
    wallet factor - 6/10 slightly steep for a coffee place!
    valet factor - good!
    food - 10/10

  • 4

    Rated   This is a biased review coz one of the owners is my friend. So I obviously walked in appreciating everything and being somewhat critical of a few things just because I was curious of how HCC was comparing to his other restos in town.

    I had to get used to the unusual Goan atmosphere in Hyderabad's CBD. Then I had to get used to the rather dim lighting having come in from the harsh sunlight. But once I got used to both these anomalies, I began appreciating and enjoying the cosy atmosphere. After settling in we were attacked by the rather confusing menu. It was all over the place - esp the food menu. I really did not understand what the *ahem* was going on with it! Why was there food in the drinks part of the menu and then a diet menu and then a menu followed by another menu all in one book!? I was particularly cheesed off coz I ordered a giant meal when really I could've ordered a sandwich from the menu that was in the drinks menu part. Ahh!

    Anyway, what also put me off was how many no's I was getting from the staff. We asked for baked nachos and he said the oven was not working. I asked for KF they said they only have Buds and Coronas. I waited well over 15 minutes for my card to be swiped and why? Coz the manager was chit-chating with the staff. I asked to doggy bag tiny portions of our meal and the waiter said he cannot do it coz - get this - the boxes are too big. Why the hell do I care about that? Can you not offer me another solution? Isn't this the hospitality business or did I stumble into the anti-hospitality business? My other complaint is the lock in the ladies loo. I am a tiny person and I had to jump up to reach the unnecessarily high bolt on top.

    We ordered the cheesy veg for starters, some cranberry mocktail, Buds, Crest-de-Gello pasta and Veg shashlik. The cheesy veg were gone in less than 10 minutes owing mostly to their taste and a little to how ravenous we were. It was so unique to dip the veg in cheese than batter. What was cool also is that they used all sorts of veg. The chef didn't limit themselves to known veg like carrots and beans but ventured into courgettes and peppers too. I liked that.

    The mocktail was tasty coz it had the hit of ginger which was unexpectedly yum yum. My Crest-de-Gello was very well made. The roasted eggplants, the goats cheese the penne were all made to perfection. My only complaint is the enormous amount of oil that went into it. Also, it could've had a few shavings of parmesan and a dash of fresh black pepper for the extra punch. The shashlik was good...it does seem to be the signature dish of this group. The rice, the paneer, the veg and the sauce were fantastic. My cousin who was trying this dish for the first time was mighty impressed. I felt the sauce could've been less tangy and salty, but it did compliment the paneer and rice well.

    The dishes are giant and we felt very stuffed at the end of it. Now I gotta go for the karaoke night, esp since my friend insists that's when the fun really begins.

    People who are in Kondapur and need a bite and a relaxed time should visit this place :) I'm definitely gonna head there to take advantage of their free wi-fi, quiet corners and decent grub when I need to get away from baby and get some work done!

  • 4
    Anshuman Gaur

    This place serves Hyderabad's one of the best cheese garlic breads. A must have before main course. Coffee is very good. In fact my office is just behind this place and this is where I start my day from. They have good very good variety of continental food, sizzlers etc. Indian options are equally good. One of the very few places serving salmon. Advice to visitors: Go there with little more time and patience. Service is relatively slow and you may have to sometime follow up on your order if itsgetting late. They got to improve on this aspect however, still a very good place to hangout with friends and food never disappoints.
    Must Try items:
    Cheese Garlic Bread
    Malai Prawn curry
    Fish Sofia
    Sea Food Sizzler
    And..did I miss coffee? ;)

  • 4
    Vishal Srivastava

    This is a cool coffee place, surrounded by tomorrow trees and its quiet. Good for hangout with friends or your better half.

    The menu card was looking really costly as nothing except coffee looked below 350-400. But we managed to get a pizza bite which was actually a good sized pizza almost equivalent to medium size pizza of dominos. And it was really nice, a thin crust pizza with lots of toppings. A hot chocolate coffee along with a mocha was nice combo. All of this just for 360 bucks with taxes. They are also offering power lunch at just 199. Can sure visit it again.

  • 4
    Akanksha Chandra

    Rated   Having stayed in Delhi for over 4 years, I had been pining for a place in Hyderabad where I can go for a relaxed beer and good music or even a quiet cup of coffee. So I got over their name and went to Heart Cup Coffee (formerly known as Cafe Latte) with some friends for the much recommended ambiance & Fish finger with Fries and Remoulade Sauce, and wasn't disappointed by either. Although HCC offers both indoor and outdoor seating, the former is preferable. The indoor area is spacious, cozy, and offers comfortable sofas as well as booths for seating. The walls are done up tastefully, their posters taking cues from old movies (reminiscent of The Big Chill, Delhi) to Bob Marley, Mandela and Bhagat Singh. Their music ranges from classic rock, metal, blues, indie to country. The music picks up in the evening by 8:30- 9pm when you can hit the dance floor (the DJ also plays popular Bollywood numbers on request.)
    Drop in with your friends on Thursday Karaoke night when the place is packed to the rafters (remember to book at table in advance!) and sing to your own tune.
    Besides the Fish n chips, I would recommend their Baked Chicken Nachos, Caesar salad (Bacon/Chicken) & Whole Wheat Penne Pasta with Prawn and Artichokes.
    The drinks menu is extensive, offering something for everyone, but limited choice of beer (only Buds and Coronas).
    Important to mention that the service needs to improve a lot- they took 20 minutes to give us a bottle of Pepsi and over 40 minutes for Fish n Chips.
    Overall, HCC is a place you will find yourself revisiting for more reasons than one.

  • 4
    Bhanu Kishore

    Visited this place with my team and really had good fun. Though it was a weekend (Saturday) place was not that crowded and we could spend more time. I barely remember the items that we ordered but on a whole I remember the experience was awesome (felt little expensive though).

  • 4
    Karthik Katragadda

    Nice ambiance. Good crowd. Love their lamb Nachos !

  • 4
    Aakanksha Khanna

    I've visited this cafe on Karaoke Nights as well as busy weeknights, and it's been a great experience both times...! Whether you're in the mood for booze-fuelled dancing or just plain simple coffee with mood-setting music after a hard day at work, Cafe Heart Cup does not disappoint !

  • 4
    Satish Boddu

    Good ambience and wide spread of food

  • 4
    Mäyurikä Sarkar

    I went on a thursday night to this place...expecting it to be a usual pub with karaoke.. But the place was more than what i expected.. The ambience was good... The music that was being played was something which can brighten up even the grumpiest mood... If you are a beer lover then its a brownie point for you... Sip on that beer and enjoy the music... And if you manage to squeeze in your song then be the singing star... All in all this place is sure to win your heart...

  • 4
    Sidharthreddy Busireddy

    The Best Place To Hangout..!! for food n drinks worth it..!!!!

  • 4
    Hari Prakash

    Been on my wishlist for quite a long time. We finally went there after our exams. This place is right next to F Cafe and lounge. I believe it replaced blue door. ( dont know for sure). It has both indoor seating and outdoor seating. The minute I walked in, I totally fell in love with the interiors. The lighting was perfect, just like I wanted it to be. We directly jumped into tbe menu and ordered for drinks, we ordered 2 budweisers. And also a few mocktails. The biggest problem with heart cup is their sloppy service. We ordered for tequilas and 15 mins later he comes up to us and says there was no tequila. so we ended up ordering flavoured vodka shots. We ordered peach, lime and strawberry shots. The peach shot is one of the best shot ive ever had. Overall the bill came upto 6k. This place is indeed a cool place to hangout with buddies. :) do try the peach vodka shot

  • 4
    Nishith Parikh

    If it's a Thursday and if you like karaoke nights, just go to this place without a second thought and you'll cherish the decision for the rest of your life. The atmosphere is crazy and reaches a whole new level as we go into the night. Food is average, but the experience is worth anything. Probably the best karaoke I've ever been to.
    Tip: go early, by 8 to get a table.

  • 4
    Nadeem Ahmed

    I was on a business trip to Hyderabad, I came to know about this place because I love karaoke. The moment I entered, I was like "This is my place." It was full of crowd. Nice to see some groups, those were enjoying and singing every single song. Talk about the ambiance. It was lively, both indoor and outdoor.

    If you are new to the city and wanna hangout then this is surely a place to be.

    Nice to see all young guns enjoying their evening with drinks in hand and smile on faces.

  • 4
    Meenal Jaiswal

    What I love about this place...it is close to office..it has free WiFi (yay) and it is chilled out! Came here on a Wednesday evening...logged in from here and practically spent 3 hours working, enjoying my food and chilling out with a drink. The food is really good and the variety on the menu is amazing! Thursdays are karaoke nights. Had been to one a long time ago and it was pretty cool. Great place to veg out in kondapur. I would totally recommend this!

  • 4
    Sumit Dua

    Rated   I guess that this is one of the most visited bars in the Kondapur area. One or other must have been here on more than one occasions. The place have pictures of great artists and scientists like Einstein, Tagore etc hanging which provides a contradictory view of the place. May be they didn't bother to change the ambiance when it was converted into pub. The bar from front looks like more of that a coffee shop with pastries and sandwiches displayed in the glass storage and more like a juice corner from back with stuff stacked beside it. Overall the layout is confused. But who cares when someone serves good quality food and alcohol which provides value for money and the cherry on the cake is the music. I went there on Saturday night and it was bollywood night. I reached there around 9:30 so no place to sit. I had the drinks and food as a far corner of the bar. But the music makes it all up for all.

    Few things to keep in mind before going there;

    Get a table booked for around 8:30, but not late than that. They might not book it later than this.
    The place comes to life only after 9 or 9:30 so till the time, get your stomach satisfied.

    We had draught beer and cilantro chicken wings and I can go again there for those wings. They server this variant of mayonnaise with fries which is way better than than regular mayonnaise.

    If you had been to this place many times and wanna go to something new and not able to decide where to go, go to this place again. That is the charm.

  • 4
    Sangeeta Patel

    Copy of HRC format. But good ambience for hangout. Good food and drinks.And yeah the music too.

  • 4
    Richa Narsoo

    Its been a while we had visited this place..but just thought of writing a review. I have been to this place twice .once on a weekday and second time on a weekend. v got decent servicr on both the days. weekdays this placr is quiet and calm and weekends its full of young crowd,loud music played by dj ,matches on big lcds and great food.. so they have a shared kitchen with F cafe and just that the rates differ a little. the ambience is nice.mu can enjou outdoor seating as well as indoor...if u r a music and party lover then you can select this place to hang out with your frens on weekendsm food is okayish not too good not too bad... so overall review

    ambience: 8/10
    music on weekends: 9/10
    food: 5/10
    service: 6/10
    enjoy ppl :)

  • 4
    Partha Pratim

    Have been here once....loud music....good ambiance this has with lot of working crowd flowing in...they serve draught beer on Fri, Sun and one week day...week days it gets boring...had to return back once on a Monday because of no music and no draught beer...food is good too but a bit costly....any ways a definite place to be for the ambiance :)

  • 4
    Gokul Velayudhan

    Amazing amazing place. My first place out in Hyderabad and it turned out amazing.
    The liquor is cost at decent rates. The food was tasty, surprisingly for me even the veg ones. The ambience was outstanding.

    I went on a Thursday with the karaoke on. My friend was repeatedly assuring me that the crowd will fill up since 7.. And by gawd did it fill up. A real cool place to hangout, as karaoke always is.

  • 4
    Anubhav Baweja

    This is definitely a Friday night party place!

    Amazing ambiance, great food , karaoke and great service - definitely why you should check out this place!

    As far as the flip side goes - this place is a little expensive. We ended up spending close to 5000 during our visit. But that's okay, considering we had a few drinks too!

    Overall a highly recommended place to go and have a good time!

  • 4

    Nice place for a lazy dinner! Good food at a reasonable price for a place and food of that sort. And if you like old English music, you will not want to move. Feel a lot of thought has gone into the menu. Thought for food! The chicken tikka avakai was good - different taste. The chicken brochette had a nice flavor and the portion was sumptuous. Tom Yam Kong Soup could have been a bit better but the fig caramel toffee pudding left me wanting more of it. Only regret - the dessert portion.

  • 4
    Shalini Maiti

    Rated   My office is pretty much on the other side of the main road from the Heart Cup Cafe, and all the expats from my office kept talking about this place, so one fine day I decided to go check out Heart Cup for myself, with a bunch of friends. The moment I walked in, I sort of lost my heart to the place - I guess that's why the name 'Heart Cup'. Disclaimer: My indicative love was only with the ambience and not with the prices, thus only 4 stars.

    For the Hookah lovers, they had deli style seating outside, but the decor inside was what caught my attention. The insides were dimly lit and comfortable, with non-stop rock hits spinning out. The ambience was very 50's meets grunge, with dark walls holding paintings and posters of revolutionists, rock legends, and poets alike. The crowd was mostly comprised of young BPO workers and expats, (no prizes for guessing that most of them were either from Google or from Deloitte)!

    Moving on to their food, they have chosen to omit their prices from the Zomato menu, and for a good reason too! The food here is pretty expensive... but to be fair it does taste good. Not good enough to make you run mad through the streets raving about what you've eaten, but good enough to make you say 'Huh! That was decent'. I especially remember enjoying their 'Nachos', and 'Chilly Mozzarella Garlic Toast'.

    They serve alcohol too, and it's usually cheaper to order beer in a 'Bucket of 6' if you are going there in a large group or are planning to drink a lot. Most other alcohol is pretty expensive here and might burn a hole right through your pocket. They also have this amazing coffee called 'My ConPanna' which is a must try. In Italian 'Con Panna' means 'with cream', and this cream blended coffee is really smooth and flavorful. I tried their 'Irish Frappe' too and liked it a lot.

    While I would not recommend this place to people going out on a date or looking for a little quiet time, I would definitely recommend this place to people who are out in a large group. It's a good place to chill at with a large party of friends or with your team, and amongst multiple people the cost too gets neutralized. I hope you like the place too!

    Bon Appetite!


  • 4
    Srini Vas

    Chilled out ambience ! Good continental food and good music sums up this place ! Karaoke nights on thursdays is a major hit with hitech city residents ! Definitely a place i would like to revisit again and again.

  • 4
    Yuvraj Singh

    beautiful place, beautiful interiors and ambiance.. menu is good, food is good, music is good too.
    I wish they had a better name..heart cup coffee is the NOT the name that suits the place if you go and see it...

  • 4
    Vedantham Kiran

    Yah...this is place is THE place to be on a thursday night....we all have heard this. Yah...besides that...place is really happenning on thursday gets very very very overcrowded though. Good crowd and karaoke(you will have to wait for a long time for your turn). You wont get a table so...dont even try. Overall a good place..thursday you come out happy..they play good numbers towards the end of the night.

  • 4
    Poonam Rao

    After reading a lot of reviews of this place, we finally went here last afternoon. A nice place, with both indoors and outdoor seating, done up in a shack type decor ( i <3 this type of decor). It was surprisingly empty at this time, but the crowd started pouring in later in the evening. Decent food, with pleasant staff, It's definitely worth visiting. We had only the nachos (which were decent) and mezze platter here, the pita bread was fantastic - fresh, soft and warm, unlike the cold, dry types that's served in most restaurants here. It's a branch of Cafe Latte ( in kharkhana) which I frequent because it's good and it's close by. Wish I'd tried more food here so I could put details, but will do that soon enough :)

  • 4
    Rajdeep Sarkar

    I love the Goan look they have given to the place. I was all over on that only. The place is super fun. Best place to be with ur friends. Music is good. Drinks are not over expensive and the food is above average. Overall a very nice place to be in the weekends.
    Grab ur chair first in the weekends else u gotta wait for long. The place has a small dance floor for the enthusiastics.
    People who have been to Goa and miss it at times shall visit it to get into the feeling of a shack.

  • 4
    Mayuri M

    Wow life is good, once I had food at Thea I thought now its only going to be down hill from there but boy i was again pleasantly surprised when we went to HCC.

    Place - 4.5 / 5 - Love it , looks like being in Goa with amazing shack like feel to the place


    Nachos- 3.5 / 5- Very good nachos probably the best but since I was comparing them to my US nachos they came up just a bit short but still the best I had in India.

    Tawa Fish 5/5 - Nice spicy fish wrapped in banan leaves, love it.......absolute amazing taste and soft and flavorful

    Cream Broccoli- 4/5- With this dish my 1 week of calorie quota was consumed but was worth it, amazing mild creamy tast and the broccoli retained its crispiness and was covered in creamy marinade / sauce.

    Overall great exp, young crowd and DJ spinning english / punjabi and hindi music.......not bad to unwind on a weekend

  • 4
    Soham Chakravarty

    Rated   I have been thinking of visiting this place since I set foot on Madhapur and that fateful day was last Monday. I would say this is a great place for team outing and booze party.

    We were around 15 people and went on a lunch party to this place (Well getting drunk during office hours...that was one thing I wanted to experience). The waiters were quite courteous and provided a commendable service.

    What is really intriguing about this place is the ambience. Their theme is hollywood movies. Well I must say I haven't seen that anywhere. They also have outdoor seating. However, Heart Cup is not spread over a very big area. (I would suggest making reservations if you are planning to visit this place). To enhance the ambience, the music proved to be a very effective aide.

    We first ordered towers of beer before picking up the menu card. Then when I saw their menu card, I was enthralled and confused at the same time. We had ordered tandoori veg and non-veg platter, chicken lollipops, mexican spice chicken wings and french fries for starters. Beer in one hand and spicy chicken wings in the other, what else do you want!! When the time came to order the main course, there was again an unavoidable confusion. With the generous help of the waiters, we finally decided on Clay Flavour Arabic Beef, burgers,tandoori chicken pizzas and alfredo pastas with various toppings. If you are a non-veg buff, you have some great choice of toppings...besides regular chicken one can choose from pepperoni,bacon, prawns and beef...I had chosen a combination of bacon and prawns and it was just awesome and so were the other dishes. (Well I know...the actual motive was to get drunk but when you have such luring choice of dishes to choose from and in such abundance, one can't just resist!!). Finally, the desserts...well they were average. Nevertheless, the overall meal was just fantastic ad so was the experience.

    Well I wouldn't mind going here again and the next time I visit here I'll hopefully get sloshed!! :P

    Ambience - 4.5/5
    Quality of Food - 4/5
    Service - 4/5
    VFM - 4/5

  • 4
    Pratyush 'Hank Moody'

    Best suited for: Sizzle with music and sizzlers and get fresh after a hard weekday.

    Ambience: 4.5/5.0
    Food: 4.0/5.0
    Pricing: 4.0/5.0
    Service: 3.5/5.0

    So, there is DJ on some weekdays, we luckily went on Thursday and it was there, and it was real nice.

    Coming to ambience, hukka is now gone, but they retain smoking n non smoking zones which is good.

    I love the sizzlers but they serve only after 7:30-8 I suppose.

    Service s little bad, not bad exactly, it is slow, probably they need an increase in man power in back ground.

    All together I have enjoyed all 3 visits to the place n recommend it highly :-)

  • 4

    Nice place. Even though there is not any main course available.. but it has good starters, mock tails and cocktails.. Ambiance is awesome. Just WOW!! place to visit with friends... :)

  • 4
    Avtar Ashim

    A very chilled out place to hangout with a boy gang or just say your friday friends...the ambience is nice , the music and almost regular band performances is the icing on the cake. Drinks are affordable considering high rise in hitech-kondapur cosmo culture. Food is quite good too.
    So, if you want to vent out your week's blues and red and indigo then come down to this place with your office gang and go gungho.
    #not suitable for couples.
    #not at all for family.

  • 4
    Sai Ravi Kiran

    Ordered beer batter prawns and a chicken dish, its waste of money there, but the place is nice to hangout with friends.

  • 4
    Ankur Hayatnagarkar

    A good pub. The food is decent. The service was good. The only thing I found lacking was the small dancefloor. I mean either you have a dance floor of ample space or don't have at all.

  • 4
    Anish Juwarkar

    Great food, great menu, great service; went on a Thursday night and it was a party. Great paint job on the walls and full of lovely people. Must go on a Thursday for retro n karaoke. Very spacious and great cuisine. Service is very good and people are very friendly. Smoking not allowed indoors and adequate smoking zone outdoors. Very nice menu and valet parking as well. French fried are very good. Its that one place where you get everything from coffees to deserts cocktails sandwiches main course and nice people

  • 4
    Anup Jain

    One of the best places in kondapur to beat the stress of daily work!! Food is great and so is the place !!

  • 4
    Richa Garg

    Rated   I think this is the place I have visited most in Hyderabad. Be it for a quick drink on Saturday or friends get together or quiet dinner, I just loved this place for every occasion.

    First of all regarding the ambiance of this place. It is a very spacious place for all kinds of fun. There are 3 types of seating - 1 outside in open, 2nd inside with a big TV where they play movies on Sunday and 3rd with bar table and seats near bar table. So it caters to all kinds of moods and evenings :)

    Secondly about drinks, we go there mostly for draught beer but I had experimented with there mock tails and cocktails and it didn't let me down.

    About food, have tried Fish and Fries, corns kernels, Farmer Fresh Pizza, pasta and Stuffed Tangri Kebab. I specially liked farmer fresh pizza. It is a nicely prepared thin crust pizza with all fresh vegetables on it. Just loved the flavor of this one. My husband loved stuffed kebab a lot which is way different from how it is prepared over plan Tangri Kebab. This time I tried corn kernels as starters and it is also a good try. Overall I loved food here as well. it is not like they have ignored food part just because people mostly come to grab drinks here. So my overall rating to this goes like:-

    Ambiance: 4.5/5
    Food: 3.5/5
    Overall quality and price: 4/5

    P.S. There are special attractions like Karaoke night on Thursday, DJ night on Saturday and movie/cricket night on Sunday. So must try for all living near to this place.

  • 4
    Bhavna Datta

    I went on a Saturday evening with my team and as the evening turned into night so did heart cup turned from an OK place to a very happening place. It was loads of fun. The food slightly high in price but the ambiance and the music was awesome.

    The food tasted good overall and the portions were good as well.

    Seating was not sufficient as place got over crowded that day.

    Overall a fine fun filled experience and I will be going back there for sure!!

  • 4
    Agnibha Kumar Nath

    Been here nearly 10 times. The ambience is a must see. A great place to hangout with friends. And may be get a bit indulged too ;-)

  • 4
    Nishant Kaushik

    This is a good place to hang out. Good music with a good choice of food to choose from with some booze. Must say good ambiance with a unique theme.

  • 4
    Yash Babar

    Rated   Posh cars, posh loud people accumulating around the entrance of this joint kept me away from it for quite some time now. When I did finally decide to dine at this center for all weekend activity of Hitech and Kondapur dwellers who are easy with their money, I was pleasantly surprised.

    The ambiance aims to transport you to an environment of 'dolce far niente' and it somewhat does. Outdoor and indoor seating, music posters and graffiti, wooden tables and seating, a shed like roof and the overall reddish brown tint to the whole place do offer a pleasant atmosphere to sit, chat and eat. The menu which offers Mexican, Italian, Chinese and Indian cuisine is very extensive. They have a wonderful collection of cocktails, milkshakes and even baked goods and desserts. The service is prompt and the waiters friendly. The cost perhaps is a tad high but they do have a reasonable lunch menu and a before 7PM happy hour menu.

    On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for dinner you might struggle to get floor space let alone a table. On weekends come the party crowds, DJ's, foreign folk being shown a good time by their desi counterparts, Karaoke mad crooners, the hip the hop and the happening crowd. Whereas if you are looking for a quite meal whose excellence is not driven by your body's alcohol content but by its own goodness go here for a weekday dinner.

    Overall : 4/5
    Ambiance :3.5/5
    Food : 4/5
    Service :3.5/5

    Cost for two : 1200 ( Without Alcohol)


  • 4
    Laxman Kumar

    Been here to heart cup cafe,
    The place is absolutely good and one of the best hangout places in Hyderabad,
    Had mugs of beer, delicious heart cup caffe nachos are must have ones there, had a Thai tofu rice there, which is also very good in vegetarian,
    Loved the music and environment there.

    Must visit place.

  • 4
    Ashwin Emmanuel

    Been to this place multiple times, incase you live near by hitec this is a must try place awesome ambience and music , specially the Garlic Bread out here is a must try!!!

  • 4
    Anand Kumar

    Awesome place for drink and food.

  • 4
    Mayank Gupta

    Cafe with a difference: take ur friends along and spread the joy :)

    I went here on thursday eveing with a friend and i must say its a cool place to hang out with friends and even for couples looking for a nice conversation over a cup of coffee. The ambience is pretty gud, place is quite and relaxing. They mostly play romantic english songs and also there is a huge screen for kareoke/IPL matches.
    We ordered mocha Dreams and Macha frappe and both were at par with those at CCD/barista. It scores over them in snacks and ofcourse ambience.

    Tip: go for coffee pitchers in case you go there with ur gang of friends. Quantity is gud and is economic.

    Sacks: 4/5
    Ambience: 4.5
    Value for money: 3.5/5

    Overall vry satisfying experience and looking fwd to visiting the place more often.

  • 4
    Rishabh Gupta

    Amazing place to be in, specially on Thursdays for the Karaoke Nite, the food is delicious and the crowd is amazing , its a place where one can just enjoy without thinking of anything , pizzas and mozzarella balls are to be looked for .
    The place serves a pint on an average rate of Rs 150 approx

  • 4
    Sumit Sagar

    Talking about heart cup coffee, its a nice place to hangout with your friends not for the couples. The place is usually filled so make a reservation before. The ambiance was good and the food was ok. DJ was playing quite good songs and you can chill here properly..

  • 4
    Vivek Kuruvilla

    Rated   Two Words : Thursday Karaoke. It's one of those experiences as a working professional living in and around Hi Tech City that you just cannot miss out on. The place is built like an old English pub and lives up to it in spirit. There is no livelier karaoke around, and you'll always find the odd group of foreigners taking up one of the benches, surprised by the quality ( or lack thereof ) of karaoke singers around. Sing a crowd favourite like Hey Jude, and everyone starts to sing along, and as you hit the 10 pm spot, there's barely space to stand inside the place : everyone's on their feet singing or humming along, and it seems as if the world is reverberating with the force of your one song. 

    The food is mostly continental : You should try the pastas, and the grilled pepper chicken that a few friends of mine adore. Their burgers are awesome as well. French fries and loose corn as starters are a must. Wash it down with a cold beer and you'll be happy.

    If ever you were to visit one happening pub in all of Hi Tech City, this should be it! Book yourself a table on a Thursday night and you'll understand what they hype's all about!

  • 4
    Masood H

    Great place to hang out with friends on a weekend. The chicken appetizers wet delicious, especially the Chicken wings. The sauces that came with the wings were really good. The chilled out atmosphere adds to the experience.

  • 4
    Harshit Jain

    Rated   Met a friend and what better than over a cup of coffee while lounging around. :P

    Had heard good reviews about the place so just crashed on the comfy couches in here. The ambiance reminds me of the cafes we see on english sitcoms. liked the booths in here with some quality music played in the background.

    They indeed have good number of options to to make choice on beverages to quick bites. Our choice was to go for a Irish cold coffee and friend having a bit cold opted for masala chai..for a change to try an outside masala chai along with almond muffin. :)

    The order arrived in good time. The muffin was nice and soft. The chai per friend was good enough and from my point of view the coffee was well blended. A fine experience overall.

    Hospitality and Service was well managed with a good note on comfort hangout.

    Overall, go for this place if you around and searching in a place to chill out with friends, with a bit of price level check. :)

    Food - 4/5
    Ambiance - 4/5
    Service & Hospitality - 3.5/5
    Money Matters - 3.7/5

    Final Conclusion- 4/5

    Will be back soon to dig my spoons. :D

  • 4
    Prateek Karkare

    Well I am very particular about the temperature of my beer! I neither like it too cold nor like it hot. And this place gives me the pint which is perfectly chilled and hence this is my favorite spot for beer. Not to mention the events which keep happening here adding to the awesome ambience they have. I have not tried too many food items here but whatever I had was well cooked and presented, chicken Alfredo, the penne sauce is quite nicely balanced and the coffee is good too. The price is slightly on the higher end.
    I have had mixed experiences in terms of service here but service overall is just a speck above any average cafe. Overall a great place to hangout with friends over a coffee/beer and indulge in long useless philosophical discussions ;)

  • 4
    Saritha Keshamoni

    After all the huste bustle of a day at office, dinners are the time , where you kinda tend to relax and unleash all the days stress. I love dinners!, esp with hubs, thats only part of the 24 hr time frame, where we get time to speak and relax.

    On an yet another such outing, we went to heart cup cafe..its just few metres away from my office :)

    The ambience is Good!! Being a Weekday night, it was quiet n pleasant.

    We ordered Nachos and my fav Chicken Alfredo. The Nachos were very well presented. They tasted Great! ..this was quite different from the routine nachos we order at the movie theatres. Pasta was sinnigly delicious, the alfredo sauce tasted so Good, i burnt my mouth twice in eagerness of having it :D the chicken was also cooked properly and tasted Good..

    Had a Great time, service was Good and the price is OK. Would love to try their coffees some time

  • 4
    TiNa Bajaj

    Awesome place! Nachos were absolutely mouth watering! And Keema-filled Chicken Drumsticks were spicy, but yummm!
    Will want to go here again n again.. will take more friends as well!!! :D

  • 4
    Bhuvan Sharma

    You can go 50 times to this place and still have something different. Has one of the widest selection of coffees, shakes, cocktails, mocktails & desserts.
    Food menu also has a wide coverage of continental, Chinese & Indian. The first visit will mostly be spent browsing the menus.
    Continental items are good (Have tried only veg items so can't comment on non-veg).
    Shakes are good (esp. green Apple smoothie).
    My favourite is Mojito Pitcher (non-alcoholic) for only Rs 270 !!!!!!
    For hukka lovers, they have a good selection of hukkas also.

    Bottomline: Don't visit it for booze only. Try their shakes & mocktails & food items also. Worth every penny spent.

    Areas for improvement: Service needs to be speeded up a bit.

  • 4
    Priyanka Mallik

    Rated   I have been to the old Heart Cup so many times, that I have lost count. 'Coz, let's accept the fact that there aren't such places near Hitech City. SO , Heart Cup is always the obvious choice. So, I headed to the new and improved Heart Cup, on a friday night. And it was CHAOS all around! Either they need to hire more servers or they have to really really train them hard to know atleast what they serve! The service was horrible. You have to be really really lucky to be seated on a friday night. Be sure to enter before 7, to get a little attention. We left after waiting for around 45 minutes. 
    Lesson Learnt : Never plan to go to Heart Cup on a friday night unless you plan early.


    Okay, so this is the first review that I am actually changing/updating, coz I am so very impressed with their Sunday brunch. I wish we could put up multiple reviews for the same restaurant. Now that we can't, let me say, Sunday brunch at HCC is an experience, especially if you are a late riser! Live music n the DIY cocktails are the USPs of the place! Although, what I made turned out to be horrible, but the cocktails are amazing! Try out the Barman's special and you will thank me! Food is pretty good, specially the starters. When you get to spend four hours with lovely people and great music, you don't really have much to complain! The Sunday brunch gets a four from me!

  • 4
    Ranjith Kumar R

    HEART CUP CAFÈ/COFFEE is the ultimate place to hangout with our friends and loved ones .. Great ambience, polite staff , large crowd if u need loud music you should visit on weekends. We had almost every cocktail mix and they're awesome, LIT mix is the one which we liked most.
    Out of many we ordered, enjoyed non veg platter the most which had many varieties of chicken, mutton & prawns.

  • 4
    Vyas Pyk

    Amazing place for a quick hangout with friends. It's a kind of one place but you get multiple options to be seated in its own way.

    And i had the fish steak sizzler it was delicious....

    I infidelity recommend this place.

  • 4
    Karan Rampal

    Decent place to hangout with friends. Nice ambience, good beer and great food. Only issue is that you need to go early.
    Most of the times it is full so go early, sit back n relax. Must try the crispy corns, peanut masala, and daal makhni. Yes Dal Makhni after some rounds of alcohol is the best thing to have :)

  • 4
    Rohit Bansal

    It was sunday evening.. We went to heart cup.. The ambience is super.. Have beautiful garden.. Their was some band playing on sunday.. So they were charging 200 if u have to sit inside..
    Starters were pretty tasty, so was the main course.. Only bad thing is thier service which was too slow.. Overall lovely place to hang out..

  • 4
    Adeetya Prakash

    Whenever you have a thought : "Lets grab a drink" and don't know where to go. This is the place. Been here multiple times, never disappointed with the service. Cocktails are good. They have happy hours too. I am yet to try the power lunch for which they have the standys.

    All in all a perfect and safe place to let go.

    Ambience: 4/5
    VFM: 3.5/5

    Food: 3.5/5

    Cheers !

  • 4
    Sudha Spandana Vaidyula

    Aah the must try place for a great hangout wit friends. He serves good food. And the place is an open terrace with great fresh air which drives us to a good mood. As I am not a drinker I never tried alcohol here but according to my friends Tht was also great. Though a lil hiked rates but worth coming to this place atleast for the weekends to hav a small break 😊

  • 4
    Anshuman Danda

    Awesome place to booz . Been there few weeks ago with my best buddies whom I was meeting after a long time . We had one draught tower , Singapore noodles and the garlic bread . Anyone visiting this place please try Garlic bread with draught pithcher .... Its awesome . The Dj was good .The Ambience was too good ..

  • 4
    Abhinaya Nagarajan

    Visited this place after its relocation from the other side of the road and man, must say, these guys have done up the place so bloody well!!! CHC is known more for the lovely lively nights with karaoke and live music, I've always been a fan of their cappuccino, Patura Fish is a must try and Pasta Alfredo was okaish. These guys could work a little more on their customer service skills esp during rush hours. they surely need a lesson or two on working under pressure.

  • 4
    Venu Polineni

    Parking: Easy. Ambience: Pretty good. Had the lunch combo. Pasta (arrabiatto/fussili) was well done, salad was alright as lettuce tasted a little bitter, lime soda was good, Chocolate sauce on a scoop of vanilla was a nice jazzy touch. All in all a good experience.

  • 4
    Ravindra Sharma

    Rated   Heart cup coffee was on my bucket list since a long time, never got the right opportunity to make it happen and ultimately it came down to today. Friday night, past office hours was just about the perfect time. I never thought this place would be big looking from the outside, but boy it is huge. You have both outdoor and indoor seating. We got chairs at a corner and were settled in to order.

    The ambiance is fantastic, i really loved the outdoor seating, it was proper with good light setup. Definitely gives you the feel of a retro cafe. You will end up loving the aura here if you visit this place on a evening right after the office hours and you feel tired. Best place to ruin

    My friends are all good people, no alcohol (duh) and on top of that are vegetarians.. So.. ahem .. we initially ordered Italian cheese fingers, Alfredo pasta and a hazelnut hot chocolate. The cheese fingers were served first and the very first bite had a splash of cheese in my mouth. it was hot, bit gingery and the texture was so crispy, i really liked it. A cheese dip was provided along with and we went on a spree. The pasta arrived soon and the love for pasta just kept going with this. Pasta never disappointed me when it came to taste and delight just continued today, truly loved it. Hazelnut hot chocolate came in a humongous cup. It was kinda sweet, didn't need to add any sugar. I expected it to be a bit sour, like Irish cappuccino

    My friends were all done after that hot chocolate, but my appetite is not yet done, i wanted to try out Italian pizza's, but the menu had no pizza's. but they had burgers and when i asked the staff for a burger, without any hesitation they just rejected it saying burger/sandwich would take more than 30 mins. So please order any starter. So i had to order Spinach Corn Mushroom and Bell pepper bake. After a long wait for 20 mins it finally arrived. I assumed it to be a baked salad sort of a thing, but it turned out to be completely different. it was fried rice, with pieces of Mushroom and tomatoes. It tasted just about fine, nothing wow worthy.

    My overall experience was good. Ambiance is great, service was adequate, food was alright except for the last one, price wasn't that bad too. I'd recommend this for a fun friday evening time.

  • 4
    Shreejith Kunnathully

    This is my favorite place to hang out because of the ambiance and food. The best pick will be Butter fried Garlic Prawns & Pizza. You will not get Jack Daniels or Tennessee at this place so don't keep high expectations. ;)The Service is slow and make sure the Waiter who takes order is writing it down as you may find them coming back and taking the order again and again.If you think you are a good singer and want to show off your skills especially "Rap" make sure you are coming on a Thursday. :)Fock Fear Drink Beer....

  • 4
    Dishant Munjal

    As the name suggests, it is truly a café for your heart. One can go there and enjoy like anything and the ambience, service, music and food all will help you in that aim, from their heart (pun intended ;) ). They have one of the best live music line ups in the area and you WILL fall in love with it the moment you step in. Doesn’t matter if you are coming for a date, hangout with friends or just alone trying to relax after a hectic day, this place helps you get the best time. I will say thought that it might be on the upper side of your budget so go accordingly. And it isnt as good as its jubilee hills counterpart.


    Ambience: 4/5

    Food: 4/5

    Service: 4.5/5

    Value for money: 4.5/5

    In short: blindly go there for any occasion and you will fell in love with it.

  • 4
    Praveen Kumar

    Been multiple times with friends. Has a good outdoor seating that is perfect for a gang get-together. The only drawback is the mosquitoes that abound in the outdoor seats but everything apart from that is good.

    Coming to the food and drinks - It has a wide variety of cold coffees, mocktails and alcoholic drinks that can fit any group combination.  I've had the cold coffees every time i was here and they are good.

    The food menu is wide covering a lot of varieties - I've had their garlic potatoes, fries, chicken wings, nachos, panner tikka, chicken tikka, crispy corn in their menu and every one of them is finger licking good.

    For the main course I've tried their pizzas and pastas and both are great. 

    All in all - a great place for hangouts in hyderabad.

  • 4
    Nirad Kant Acharya

    Friends + 5 ltr of Beer + some chicken wings + wood fired Pizza + one cheese based Pasta. If all these are not secret to happiness, Mokshya needs a new definition.
    Beyond all these gyaan, the place is for people who goes to hangout with good liquor, good food and some smoke. Price is decent also considering that location of Hyderabad
    For me, i don't mind visiting this place again.

  • 4
    Karthik Gurram

    Visited this place with a friend in evening on Sunday night any the place was awesome.
    The live music 🎶 was awesome.
    The staff was very good.
    The food was pretty good 😊
    Overall: Recommended

  • 4
    Abhyudaya Joshi

    Being from Mumbai I really doubted the pubbing culture of hyderabad. But I was proved wrong by some great pubs/ bars the city has to offer. The crown jewel here is certainly Heart Cup. I have been here many times and the place is a great hangout. The liquor is cheap and music is great. The best part is the bouncers there who are never intimidating :p. They should however ban the beer cocktails here. It is a huge waste of precious beer.

  • 4
    Sasidhar Vks

    Simply amazing experience. Best coffee @kondapur perfect hangout place with friends.. Caffe latte is awesome. Brilliantly designed garden restaurant.

  • 4

    Been here in da night, place for couples and friends,ambiance is soo peaceful, this place is amazing in da nights, didnt taste much but felt worth visting again.

  • 4
    Sabiha Gani

    Awesome food and great coffee! Went there on a Thursday night so had the opportunity to catch some great Hollywood Karaoke.... a tip for first time visitors- better book a table beforehand, and if you wanna sing, then give them the song choice as soon as you enter! Only negative was it becomes too crowded as the night progresses. Overall a great place to visit with friends!

  • 4
    Gargi Banerjee

    Rated   The new revamped heart cup coffee is here to reckon and how! The extremely spacious and well done up heart cup in the place of erstwhile eat 3 is such a breather from their previously cramped, perpetually over crowded set up.

    It may still always be full, you may still never get a table but there's a lot of place to stand and breathe. The innovative dance floor in the form of a ramp can be a little dangerous for the inebriated dancers but surely earns brownie points for the creativity.

    The DJ as usual needs help (I have no clue why they can't get better DJs !!) but with the new set up you have the option of sitting outside far removed from the sweat and the DJ's music.

    Their food had always been decent. We had ordered their signature tai pei chicken which is spicy and tangy and very flavorful. Their Chicken Malai Tikka Kebab is their best starter in both the outlets. The chicken is so soft and creamy that you can't stop at one. Along with that we had ordered a beef starter not on the menu but based on their recommendation which was equally delicious.

    Although I'm the kind of person who will always head to the dance floor no matter the crowd, the DJ there however had no creativity in his choice of songs which in turn curbed my instincts.

    A shout out to the management for doing a great job with the new set up. However, they seriously need to work on getting good DJs.

  • 4
    Rishav Rej

    A decent chill out place for all the young corporate souls in hitec. They hVe a lively music and with the new dance ramp, the place looks amazing!! Food i cannot really comment on but the platters are simply delicious.

  • 4
    Vamsi Krishna Susarla

    This is a relatively new place for hangout in Hyderabad and its giving tough competition go American chains like TGIF and Hardrock cafe. I went here this evening and was pleasantly surprised by the size of this place. It's huge. The ambience was perfect and their staff were courteous. We were two, ordered cheese balls and Alfredo pasta along with beers. The food was spot on and the portions were generous. Being a Hyderabad born cafe, they nailed it. I hope they will maintain the same standards going forward.

  • 4

    Chill place, good for coffee or beer, whatever suits you and some good food and ambiance to relax. Ordered barbecue chicken wings, chicken and cheese nachos and Irish coffee and we did not regret one bit. Alekhya Yerroju Neha Thipparthi

  • 4
    Kuldeep Kothari

    Had a great time with the kind of ambience and especially wood crafted pizzas made my day. The music was also good and if anyone wants to chill please make reservations early for tables in the inner area.

  • 4
    Prateek Dani

    Loved this place for its food ambiance and great service. Very friendly staff and prompt service. The food is good. Loved their daru lemon ice tea chicken sizzler cheese corn balls chicken strips jalapeño burger. All in all a great place to hang out.

  • 4

    Dropped in for a quick lunch in between meetings & opted for the veggie penne arrabiata with garlic bread (it was part of the lunch combo) with a strawberry mocktail. Loved it! The meal was quick & tasty. The music was from,the 90's which is when I had my nest memories. And, the interiors were done up in a very interesting & colorful way.. It literally lifted up my mood.

  • 4

    One of the best spots to hangout with friends at any part of the day. Been visiting the place from past 1 year never has any issues. However Friday nights are the most fun part. Its not easy to get space but we could hangout at any place if you are ok to stand. One of the best locations to party at Hitech city area. LONG ISLAND ICE tea is my favourite. And the pricing is pretty decent.

  • 4
    Nandini Bajpai

    Amazing ambiance, good food, superb karaoke(only on thursdays), and very good drinks.
    The staff is super friendly and helpful.


  • 4
    Kashyap Murthy

    Had dropped by for lunch, one lazy Wednesday noon. The first time I had been to this place, after eat3 was transformed into a heart cup. I loved what they did with the place.
    They were able to capture different, diverse experiences in the place.
    We ordered a club sandwich with fries lunch and ragongosht with rice. Along with chicken wings. The food was quite generous in quantity. The service quite good.
    The club sandwich was palatable, while chicken was good.

    In all a nice place to hang out with friends!

  • 4
    Sidharth C.R

    Very near to cyber towers and tucked inside a pocket road this gem of a place which I had visited has some real good music scene and dine to go with. The acoustics and ambience is really worth it and I wish these people nurtured more live bands including metal rock jazz and percussion acts to earn a niche market altogether. Having said so the finger food is really good and goes down well with your glass of draught.

  • 4
    Prateek Agarwal

    I like the way they did there setup. Its like a village atmosphere. They have these hut which add beauty to the place. Sundays are amazing they have live music. And there is this guy who plays violin he is simply amazing. Try the nachos here . They are just fantastic. Music has always been good. The chef himself greets you if you want something to be made tour your way.

  • 4
    Priyansh Narang

    Located right next to TCS and close to the Google office, this joint sits right in the heart of this side of the city. Everyone is aware of the heart cup legacy, so much so that every auto driver and cab driver knows it by name which speaks about how great this place is.
    This one has a better seating experience and ambience as compared to the earlier one. Just the right mix of high cane chairs sitting outside under dim lights and low laid back couches to seat groups of larger sizes. Then there's the infamous karaoke and the indoor seating with it. The graffiti on the walls goes well with the theme too.
    Apart from the aesthetics being great, the food and the drinks are just as good too. Cheese balls, Pasta, Crumb fried mushrooms are mouth watering and would melt in your mouth. The cocktails are really well done and unlike other places, so are the mocktails and shakes.
    All in all, Heart Cup is one of my favourite places in Hyderabad.

  • 4
    Srikanth Reddy

    Awesome pub...little lousy and old music...that too with special guest DJ...food and mock tails were extremely good...little over pricey... my friends enjoyed cocktails and mojitos!
    Abhishek Mahapatro Abhijeet Mahapatro Vikas Borwankar

  • 4
    Anamika A. Patel

    Awesome place for night hangout with friends. Happening dance floor. Ambience excellent, for party people and also for someone who wants to sit in silent environment and spend time can sit outside in open. Booze and food bit costly.

  • 4
    Souvik Ghosh

    Rated   Well, Heart Cup is the place most of Kondapur and Gachibowli flock to in the weekends, and since this is the hub of IT and Management professionals, the place almost always boasts of a good crowd. During weekends, it can get a little overcrowded, leaving the place stuffy and not as good as it is otherwise. The place is done up with good taste, with film and music posters from across the eras, and that is not such a common thing. I like that. The open air space is also great for chilling, without the loud music. I happened to catch Pratik Kuhad live on one weekend, and that was much better than the loud music.

    Coming to the food, Taipei Chicken is something we order everytime, and it is quite good and fiery. They serve it with a sauce, and I don't understand why, since it is redundant. The dish is itself sauteed in a sauce which tastes below par with the separate sauce. Anyways... we have also sampled their Teriyaki Beef, which was amazing, but unfortunately they have stopped serving it. Their Malai Kabab is also really savory. On our most recent visit, we tried the Lamb Chili and the Capricioso Pizza (Beef). The Lamb Chili was awesome, and flew from the plate and Pizza was quite good too, again devoured pretty quickly. At first they said Lamb Chili wasn't available, but then the kitchen guy sent a message that they could do it for us. That was really cool. The Pizza was simple and had a decent amount of meat which made it taste all that better. This place is best enjoyed with a tower of draught beer and some starters and good conversations to go with it.

  • 4
    Swapna Sampathkumar

    Happening place is Hyderabad. Pastas are lip smacking. After a tiring day this place really gives you some energy. Starters are good as well. Ambience is too good.

  • 4
    Ashwani Motwani

    A very cozy place for long talks, though been there as a party guest,, well manged.. Loved patura fish with red wine lansang was average though

  • 4
    Sree Ram

    Time well spent... Good ambience and perfect place to hangout after work... Just a li'l delay in service... Else would have rated it 5...👍 ☺

  • 4
    Piyush Malhotra

    It had been a year since I had been to heartcup coffee. All that I could remember about this place was an over crowded pub with amazing music, where finding a table was like searching for the triwizard cup in the maze..... You had to manouver through the crowd.... Which would often make you lose all sense of direction and the next thing you know is that you are at the bar rather than your table. So when I heard that the place had moved across the road and is worth checking out.... I was pretty much prepared for the maze challenge. Much to my surprise the new heart cup coffee is HUGE and SPACIOUS and still has the amazing crowd.... Though it doesnt feel like a crowd anymore. There is indoor and outdoor seating available and there is a separate dance floor/ramp.... Where people just go crazy. Food is great.The booze is also decently priced. The place is the ultimate party pad for the weekend.

  • 4
    Tushar Rajpal

    This place is like "Go Directly From Office" sort of thing, where actually you can go and sit with some beers and have a light time.

    Food is normal, i will say pretty decent and can find anywhere (nothing bad) in that. But definitely service is great. We were a group of three folks. Happy Hour Menu is again an attraction and good. Decent crowd around you. A place where you can sit from 7Pm till 12 AM and can enjoy. Wont feel bored. Kudos!! The ambience is quite lovely!!!

  • 4

    The second outlet of heart cup and i really like the ambiance. its big and huge with great music. i wished they start hookah too. food is amazing here. specially pasta and other italian dishes. sundays are great fun, very decent crowd. an joyful place to spend a lovely evening with frnds. great hang out place to be :)

  • 4
    Anusha Punjala

    Rated   I went to heart cup coffee to check out their recently started Sunday Brunch, for a foodie meet up and it was a fun filled afternoon. So they had a live band performing  - (Meghna Dundi and Loki along with Pavan).

    They have a set menu for food and also have different cocktails and mocktails that you can make by yourself at their DIY counter. which i think is a great idea. 
    The brunch comes with unlimited food and drinks for Rs. 1499 (without taxes) and it is totally worth it. They also have an option of just the buffet and the charges for that are 899 + taxes. (their brunch timings are from 12 Noon -3:30 PM)

    This was actually the first time i went to Heart cup (Kondapur) and i absolutely loved the ambience especially the indoors. The first thing that caught my attention was the ramp and as a designer i immediately thought of fashion shows and its a great place to organise small scale shows here. (probably with a Capacity of about 100)

    The seating was comfortable although they should have a few booths that are slightly bigger to accommodate a larger group of people and of course i love their coasters on the tables that have a chucklesome quote/phrase written on them, it made me smile.

    This was our Sunday brunch menu:
    Soups - *Chicken Consomme soup
    *Hot and sour Vegetable Soup 
    Starters :
    Veg- *Vegetable Sheek Kabab
    *Italian Cheese Fingers
    *Mushroom Salt and pepper
    *Crispy Fried Vegetables
    Non Veg:
    *Chilly Fish
    *Thai Chin Chicken
    *Spicy Garlic Chicken
    *Mutton Hussaini Kabab
    Buffet :
    *Cheese platter *Cold Cuts  *Salad Counter *dessert counter *Live pasta counter  * veg pulao *thai chin veg *Laal Maas *Chicken Pulao  *Dal Makhni *Veg Jalfrezi *Roasted Chicken *Burnt Garlic Noodles (i did miss out a few that i cannot recollect)
    *Caramel Pudding *Fruit Salads *Chocolate-Brownie Pudding, *Pastries *Ice Creams *Kala Jamun *Gulab Jamun *custard etc.
    *Sangria (white wine and red wine) *Virgin Mojitos *Cranberry Mojitos *Old Fashioned  *Whiskey Sour *Screw Driver  *Barman’s special and many more nameless Cocktails and Mocktails that we innovated mixing ingredients of our choice.

     My absolute favourites out of these were the
     *chicken Consommé soup - i loved the flavours.I think the chicken pieces could be chopped a little finer.
    *Vegetable Sheek Kabab - i have always been a fan of sheek kababs and they have a vegetarian version of it and i loved it.
    *Mushroom salt and pepper - Any form of mushroom i love. So a thumbs up for this dish as well.
    *Thai Chin Chicken - This was the star of the afternoon for me. The best dish out of all of them, a must try.
     *Cold cuts - (All Chicken) - i am usually not a huge fan of cold cuts but these i absolutely loved although i think the best way to have cold cuts is to make a sandwich or a salad out of them and even though they had a salad counter, a few choices of bread would have been perfect.
    *Seafood white sauce Pasta - White sauce pastas usually don’t have many flavour but this one did.If you are a pasta fan this is a must try here.
    *Dal Makhani - I am a huge dal Makhani buff, so i had to put this on the list.
    *Roasted chicken - I loved the sauce they used in this dish and it tasted amazing overall.
    *Chicken Pulao - Spicy Chicken + Spicy Rice = Tasty. This was my second favourite dish out of them all.
    *Sangria - A nice glass of sangria to go with the Delicious food.
    *Chocolate brownie Pudding - This according to me was the best one out of all the options that we had.

    I was slightly disappointed with their desserts, although we had ample number of choices to chose from most of the desserts were very mediocre. We’ve discussed this with their management and hopefully they’ll improve them soon. (Please add a cheese cake if you can :P )

    To sum it up i had an amazing time at heart cup, I loved everything from their ambience, the band, the  people, the food and of course the drinks. I’d say that this Sunday brunch of theirs is worth every penny and i’d totally recommend it.I am definitely going to be one of their regulars. Thank you so much for having us :) and i'm sorry for the late review :P.

  • 4
    Nimisha A Kumar

    I visited HCC on a Friday evening for dinner with family and friends. The Mocktails were exquisite. What I has was called 'Glass Rainbow'
    Real tasty and spicy starters. And the Pasta Alfredo and Veg Pizza for the main course was absolutely delicious.
    The ambience was excellent and the service was prompt and never delayed.
    I'd love to visit the place again.

  • 4
    Sahiti Addanki

    Such an amazing place! I had a great time here. Must visit for everyone in the city. I liked how they retained few trees inside the restaurant. Nice way to conserve them!

  • 4
    Bazid Shariff

    Loved the place..!

    We went for dinner and they have delicious Chicken Cashew, ambience and quality of service was up to the mark.. It's happening place with good ambience and good music

  • 4

    how can say no to this place?? Suggested by a mystery friend, turned out to be a revelation...love the wood fried home made pizzas...chicken steak...lovely ambience, high energy...brilliant music...amazing crowd..couldnt ask for more with such lovely friends! Must be place for a weekend!

  • 4
    Mayank Mani

    Best place to hang out in kondapur and nearby area so far, you can sit outside as well as inside, u have option to sit in sofa, chair, bar chair, wooden chair and so on, u can enjoy edm music, slow music if u r sitting outside, inside it ll be edm or karaoke, you will feel two different ambience at same place, good to go wd frnds and girl frnd as well
    Burger is yummy, beer bucket fits ur pocket best combo it is to have at heart cup

  • 4
    Malay Pande

    Have visited heart cup cafe a couple of times .was dere for new years 2014.The place has been shifted from the other side of the road .The place is bigger now.the food served is good ( not brilliant ) .
    Thursday nights are fun karaoke nights .
    A bucket of buds is my pick !!!!!

  • 4
    Shashank Bhardwaj

    A Nice place to loosen up yourself over the weekend. The disc floor is not large enough to accommodate enough people but still it is worth it. Nice place overall I would say.

  • 4
    Sumit Chatterjee

    I think this is the best pub in this area. *This area*
    Amazing ambience, nice lights and obviously great crowd.
    Happy hours running is very weird 12pm to 7pm.
    I went @7 so just got that.
    For me any pub should already have 3 things. proper lighting, proper music and combo of ask booze and nice people. it has all.
    Just go for it.

  • 4
    Saran Gupta Kakaraparthi

    4 different sets of seating arrangement.makes to feel as if you are in some interesting place, very cool and calm place, with very good nd fast service

  • 4
    Manish Maryada

    I visited this place for my friend's birthday treat...later it turned out to be my favourite hangout spot. One will simply fall in love for this place for the food and ambience. We ordered various lunch combos and all of them were absolutely spot on. Myself being a pasta lover had huge expectations on the pasta especially the red penne pasta. Anyone would say "mamamiya" tasting the pasta. The chocolate shake and other drinks went on hand in hand with the food. Best part of this place is that it is a pocket friendly place with regards to the lunch combos and few apetizers. I still remember the guy who serviced me aa he always served with a smile and immense respect.So one can hangout at this cool place with their bunch of pals and will surely have a great time :D
    The final verdict goes like this:
    Value for money-8/10

  • 4
    Gaurav Tamotia

    Odd and misleading name but boy, is it popular or what. Huge place with outdoor and indoor that was packed to the gills with people standing waiting for tables in the middle of the week! Good drinks, snacks and service out in the open, comfortable seating, reasonable prices, good crowd...not much more one can ask for. Went with low expectations given the location (middle of IT corridor) but was pleasantly surprised. Worth a trip.

  • 4
    Stuti Srivastava

    I'm here twice a week atleast so needless to say i can't wrap up the place in a few words.
    People, music, ambience and food. You get everything you need to unwind on a weekend(day!).
    I want to call out the Butter Chicken with Jeera Rice which was an accidental find for us and oh my god! Beats the Butter Chicken at every other place in hyd. Please take my recommendation and skip that pizza the next time u hop in. Thank me later ;)

  • 4
    Kiran Bonthu

    Visiting Heart Cup on a Thursday evening is one of the best things for partygoers! tMusic is fabulous!! and The vibrant ambiance with the youthful atmosphere on a Karaoke night is bliss!

    Amidst the huge partying atmosphere and the youthful hoots all over, the service is just awesome! 

    Mocktails & Frappes were just as awesome as they could be. 

    Among the starters... Fish fingers were crisp and when dipped with tarter sauce were just yummy.  Chicken tikka & Paneer tikka were good - well grilled to perfection and were soft!

    A good place for party animals! Serves yummy food, coffees, mocktails and cocktails!! Overall a good hangout!!

  • 4
    Sunaina Patnaik

    Delicious food. Kickass ambience. Great music. Good service. 

    HCC is the home to all of these. 

    Visited this place for lunch today and we opted for the 'Lunch break' combos.

    We ordered the Butter Chicken and rice combo, Fried rice/noodles with chicken Manchurian gravy. The combos came along with roti, papad, drinks and desserts. 

    The food was served within 10-15 minutes, and the spread looked quite nice. To be fair, the quantity was more than decent. 

    The food was delicious. The chicken Manchurian gravy was delicious and so was the fried rice. 

    I've always loved HCC's food, but the combos were a welcome surprise too! 

    Definitely worth many visits.


  • 4

    We (my hubby n I) went there to celebrate our anniversary eve and we both had a very good time. We loved the new ambiance and their spacious setup. Food served was also brilliant. What we really liked is the quantity of food per plate for their price. We ordered for Baked Nachos and some Mushroom Sizzler other than a few drinks. Couldn't order more food because of the quantity :) My hubby loved the Nachos and I loved the sizzler. The cream and mushroom sauce was really yum!

    Overall, a great place to spend a good relaxed evening with good music, ambiance and food!

  • 4
    Harsh Vardhan

    It was my first visit and I liked the place the moment I entered and saw a Buddha statue in deep meditation.

    Ambience is good and cool hangout place with frends in happy hours.

    Ordered Chicken Peri Peri, I liked it very much.

    Would love to visit in Happy hours.

  • 4
    Neha Mani Oommen

    Finally I can cross this off my list!! Good food, great ambience and very good service. Had a fish kebab, which was to die for. Excellent aglio olio pasta, the best that I had so far.

  • 4
    Anushka Kurra

    I heard of this place since long but never got to visit it. Dropped by for a quick coffee in the evening with a friend.

    Totally loved the ambience and the setting of the place. Also I was very impressed by the service, the way we were greeted in and attended to. We took the Heart Cup signature coffee and another Irish coffee. Quite creamy, but both were well made. A little expensive though but I'd say this place is worth it.

    Would surely want to visit this place again for more than just coffee.

  • 4
    Seshasai Srivatsav

    Rated   After hearing a lot from my friends, I went to this place on a Friday evening. This place was formerly occupied by eat 3 which was not as successful as the current restaurant.

    It's fantastic. Heart cup did what eat 3 couldn't do. They made the best utilization of space. The decor is great with antique news articles and great lights. Such a ambient place will get your evening going. ( but the place has a plethora of Mosquitoes . The repellent coils can't kill the mosquitoes any more ) . The dj is great and I would visit this place on a karaoke night.

    I've have veg sizzler and starter. The taste is alright. The flavours are good. The early bird offers are okay too. The options for drinks and hot beverages is great. If you're an average earning IT employee, visit this place on your salary day.

    Overall , it's an laid back place to hangout with friends / team/ partner . Must visit for hitec City / Gachibowli folks .

    Ambiance 4.5/5
    Taste 3.5/5
    Service 3.5/5
    Value for money 2.5/5
    Overall 4/5

  • 4
    Sourav Mazumdar

    Karaoke nights, live band and good but pricey food. This place rocks but can burn a hole in your pocket. Looking forward to visit it on a thursday karaoke night with friends!

  • 4
    Teena Kuriakose

    One of my favorite places in Hyderabad! I drag all my friends new to the city to this place. Great ambiance, and I LOVE the chicken nachos! :)

  • 4

    Nice music...nice location. Great crowd...had fun watching ppl dance... Can get little stuffy on weekends but food was great...especially the pastas

  • 4
    Joseph Tharian

    Definitely one of the most happening eat outs in all of Hyderabad. I fell in love with the place the moment I stepped in.

    The food was good. We ordered a steak and a club sandwich, both were very nice. We had gone on a Sunday evening and they had a nice band playing some really nice tracks. The servers, most courteous. To top it all, the place caters to a very classy crowd. But in spite of all this, its the ambience that steals the show in the end. The kind of ambience that leaves you not wanting to leave the place.

    Very much in love with the place. Will visit many more times !

  • 4
    Christopher Mathew

    Good place to hangout. While my friends were boozing, me being sober tasted their mango drink, fee starters, garlic bread was stand out and some fried rice, there was live cricket match going on, fun place to be.

  • 4
    Ashwin Mor

    Had been to Heart Cup, Jubilee Hills recently. The ambiance was just perfect to chill out with friends. Live music was on that day. The coffee and the food were pretty good. Nice experience.

    Overall- 4.0
    Ambiance- 4.5
    Food- 3.5
    Value for Money- 3.5
    Service- 4.0

  • 4

    We can say this is the best place to have drinks or to hangout for IT people. Food taste is really good but serving is not good in my visit.

    Ambience also nice.

    But the cost is high.

  • 4

    Single line statement be here on Thursdays you will fall in love with the place ! Without a doubt . Kj eddy is just the man on Thursdays excellent food , please try out the cheese nachos if you are just hungry and you would love to have something filled with cheese the offers and the happy hours on weekdays are just brilliant and convenient! Must visit place! For the exclusive and different atmosphere all around this place ! During Thursday's reservations are must ! And don't be Surprised to find this place crowdy during the Thursday's or the Friday's !

  • 4
    Nikhil Sirivolu

    I have always had an amazing time in heart cup. This place reminds me of goa and the food served here to die for specially pizzas. I do agree that the place is expensive but it's completely worth it. This place also have karaoke night. I always taught hard rock cafe is the only good place to serve LIT but heart cup also mixes drinks very well. This place is always good to party with friends.

  • 4
    Ananya Biswas

    Beer... Good food... Live music on a Weekday (Wednesday) ... Awesome Ambience.. Life is really good! The best part was it was way too economical! ;) :D

  • 4

    the first place I went out for drinks in hyd. And the best yet. Really good ambience. The live music with the fusion music is terrific. Slightly expensive but doesn't hurt. Overall a perfect after work chilling place.

  • 4
    Akbar Tucy

    This place is perfect stress free zone ambiance is good and a good place for a perfect coffee went during my exams and felt completely free and stressless

  • 4
    Hrishikesh Diwan

    Rated   This is a second home, because it's right next to the workplace, and I think its one of those places where I can order without looking at the menu. Enough has been said in other reviews about the ambience, the food, the service, and the music. So I'll just limit myself to recommending the hidden gems in the place.

    Drinks - order a frappe called "Mocha Dreams" or a mocktail called the "Guava Mary". The former is a standard coffee and chocolate concoction, while the latter is a spicy guava juice combo with a red chilli powder and salt rim on the glass. Usually I'm too full to try any desserts, but they do make a mean (and heavy!) Apple Pie shake if they have apple pie in stock. In alcoholic beverages, I'd recommend the Long Island Iced Tea - they're generous with the alcohol here.

    Starters - can't go wrong with their french fries, which come with a special dip only in the evenings, which is just fantastic. More than just mayo - not sure what else is in it. Also recommended are their loaded (lamb or chicken) nachos and chicken lollipop. Pro tip: If you order drumsticks you get fewer pieces; ask your server.

    Mains: Everything's good, but I'm partial to the following - the Carbonara pasta, Shepherd's Pie OR Lamb Shanks Pie (the latter has shanks in addition to the mash and bolognaise), and the Club Sandwich. Order bacon on the side if you like it crispy - it gets soggy inside the sandwich.

    The service slow; abysmal actually when they're crowded, and avoid the place on Thursdays or weekend evenings if you want to have a quiet dinner.  However, on weekdays or on slow evenings, the staff is very helpful and serves with a smile.

    Couldn't live without the place!

  • 4
    Rahul Mazumdar

    Decent ambience. Fairly spacious. Good music. Food and drinks are fairly reasonable and worth the price. Service is prompt. A nice place to chill with friends after work or even on a weekend.

  • 4
    Manu Rajput

    Have been to this place for the first time and enjoyed a lot.. Ordered Italian and it was served with loads of decoration
    And above that there was a Bollywood music
    Wat else u need in a treat for a perfect evening after office.. Staff was fully co operative as they let us danced off the floor near our table and did not let any other come there
    Would like to visits again

  • 4
    Divesh Motwani

    A great place to hang out with friends anyday after office. Love the Karaoke nights there and has the Budweiser bucket which saves you a lot of money. No stag or couple restrictions makes it fully crowded all time. But one bad thing is it closes very early around 11.15 pm rest the food is also good enough.

  • 4
    Satyaki Kundu

    First of all, you'll be a in a little confusion while visiting this place as f lounge is also in the same place. We had to ask the people around to get here.
    Place is great. Good ambience. Good music. Good sitting arrangements. And good food. Overall a good experience. I'm looking forward to karaoke nights here.

  • 4
    Chaahat Khattar

    It's preferable to use Google Maps to find the exact location of this place because it's located inside a society. On a bright Sunday afternoon there is plenty of seating available probably because it's more of a clubbing space and must be be fully occupied at night parties. The staff looked tired but in such a weather, one would love robe seated outside. The menu is very exhaustive. It had everything from Italian to Indian. We ordered Arabiana pasta first and looking at staff we didn't have high expectations but we got fooled. The pasta was delicious and there was freshness of vegetables in it. The quantity was enough for three. Then we had cold coffee. It wasn't something too great but still it was good with apt level of sweetness. Don't be shocked to see high prices in the menu because each dish is enough for two or three persons. This was indeed a good scout on Zomato and I would like to visit this place again.

  • 4
    Meenal Singh Rajawat

    Been there many times with frnds...place is good ..bt it will be very crowded during weekends...bollywood night on fridays are super fun. If u r living arnd near kondapur,this is a place fr u ;)

  • 4
    Bhoomika Perti

    Rated   From the time I was in college, I know this place as the old Cafe Latte. I have seen it move from Pedammagudi to the corporate land and become the so very popular Heart Cup! But, I am glad they shifted, they made a good decision of expanding the place in that area with a very young & lively crowd. The decor is so welcoming and relaxing. It reminds me of the shacks in Goa!

    It's not from now that they are serving such kick ass food, but from the time it was Cafe Latte. Their wild mushroom risotto and sizzlers are to die for! They make it with perfection every single time. Really don't know how they manage to keep with the flavors and the same taste even when the place is jam packed. Your order might get a little delayed but it would be crafted to perfection.

    Apart from the above mentioned, there Tex Mex nachos are superb! I like the shakes that they serve. Even the pastas are very comforting.

    If you really want to see the place come alive then the must visit day is a Thursday; Karaoke Nights are superb! People from all over Hyderabad come there and the crowd is brilliant. You get to meet some really exceptional singers; you certainly wouldn't get to know them if it weren't for this place!

    I would just say that they know how to treat their customers, not poor not excellent, just with the right hospitality! A must visit with your most cherished gang!

  • 4
    Sucharita Laskar

    I love their retro-vintage ambiance. 

    They have an impressive menu. Elaborate and varied with items from Continental, Italian to Indian cuisine. 

    The coffees served here are amazing. I have also tried some of their Sizzlers and Steaks . Noteworthy amongst the food items tried are the Tex Mex Veg Sizzler, Sea Food Sizzler  and  Mexican Spice Grill Pepper Chicken.

    Food apart, entertaining events like Karaoke Nights make this place an awesome hangout.

  • 4
    Saurav Mitra

    Great place to visit especially on a Thursday or a Friday. i went in there on a thursday which is usually a KARAOKE night... Insane crowd, good food and good booze.... A great place to hang out with friends especially.... Fridays are even better... Its Bollywood night !! People having a knack of dancing to Hindi tunes will love this place too !! Overall if you are exhausted with your daily work, reach out to this place and spend some good time listening to some good music or singing along to the same !! Much recommended.  

    Happy Munchin !!

  • 4
    Sweta Rath

    Great ambience and lovely music..Loved this place..You will only enjoy if you are going with a bunch of friends..The food is also great..A complete package of dance, food, music..A must visit place..

  • 4
    Harsha S. Aluri

    Awesome Thursdays !! They have the Karaoke Night then. The only problem is that they encourage only Budweiser as beer that night. 

    They share the Kitchen with F Lounge. A little on the expensive side, but great food.

    The Cocktails are great, try LIIT, Kiwi Mojiti.

  • 4
    Kiran Sirigiri

    Heart cup looks like a regular bistro at first sight but after a while it starts feeling homely. Frankly, its like sitting in a backyard and relaxing with friends of a holiday. No rush what so ever is felt from the staff, service is fast, food taste good and the laid back ambience keep the customers relaxed and wanting to come back again. Must try the burger.

  • 4
    Jatin Shridhar

    Karaoke nights at Heart Cup are great. My friends and I mostly just go there for Karaoke and not actually order anything. It can get a bit loud though, so don't go expecting to have some meaningful dinner conversations.

    We have ordered at times, though. Food is good, ambience is great.  4/5.

  • 4

    Came here for the stand up comedy show by Rohit Swain. 

    Location - reasonably easy to spot. 

    Crowd - unruly and drunk. But i was in a big group, so that didnt affect me 

    Music - a tad too jarring.. but the bwood remixes r nice.

    Food - amazing!! this 4.0 rating is just for the food. Ordered just a couple of starters  - mushroom chur churi and veg manchuria and mocktails. The food was cooked with real attention to detail. Not too oily, the spices too were evenly blended. 

    Service - forgetful but not rude.. they just need to reminded 3-4 times about your order

  • 4
    Garv Malik

    Great place. Was jam packed so didn't get a table. Drinks are served promptly whereas food took longer than expected. Decent food. Good ambience.

  • 4
    Funki Ryde

    When you enter this place you get a feeling of Goa. The price's are way to cheap! Food is freaking good! It's a proper Pocket Friendly place. But sometime's it's totally impossible to find a seat/table! It's always crowdy! Though it's a good place! Keep Exploring Have Fun! Cheer's :)

  • 4

    Good food n drinks but feel like a Punjabi dabba with the music .. What happen to the earlier DJ s .. Eesh........change the DJ please !!!!!!

  • 4

    Loved this place. Ambience and food was good. The crowd was just too awesome... You should definitely visit this place. Worth spending every penny.

  • 4
    Shantanu Jawla

    Cool place to hangout over the weekends.. Starters are good vd a wide variety. Mocktails are pretty good..and u get to hit the floor post u r drunk 😃

  • 4
    Rusha Bhattacharya

    You say table reservation recommended - however calling a day in advance also doesnt help..and in my many experiences at heartcup and trust me I am there almost every alternative friday I have seen all tables are not full, but you still dont agree to take reservations saying everything is full.Then might as well have a No reservation policy??
    Just a genuine question-does one book 5 days in advance?

  • 4
    Ayan Bhattacharya

    The first time I entered I fell in love with the ambience. It's a 350 covers which is a huge restaurant. I had ordered the combo Chinese meal which was ok. Staff were courteous and looked happy (which may not be the case for them) but I felt good. A great place to hang out with friends or spouse. Looking forward to spend a nice evening

  • 4
    Vishal Fernandes (www.jetseteat.com)

    Rated   Ever since Heart Cup Coffee was launched in Hyderabad it has turn the partying scene around. Be it their Karoke nights on Thursdays or even their live gigs during the weekends, it has carved a niche for itself in the partying arena and is a one stop place with most of the IT folks around.

    Although I have been frequent to their old location in Kondapur and at times the one in 45 Jubilee Hills, the new one behind TCS Building, kondapur is even more spacious and rustic in its look. If you're into live gigs or maybe some loud music then the inside seating with a stage setting and ramp that follows is an ideal place, else if you’re into soft music and just want to have peaceful conversations then outside seating with cubbanas is a perfect place. I personally love the seating along the ramp to enjoy the live gigs and I’m glad to have experienced it in my last visit. The vibes that this place generates is insane.

    On the food front, Heart Cup Coffee serves typical café food with Continental, Indian & Chinese. When you are in a place like heart cup coffee, the food is always secondary and I, generally would not be keen with the food served at partying place as I have my own apprehensions, however the experience I had with the food that evening was decent enough. Started off with the tandoori murgh malai tikka which was extremely mild, juicy & creamy while the crispy chicken Italian was well marinated with flavorful herbs and was served with a creamy dip which was excellent. For the mains the chilli garlic noodles that we ordered in Schezwan sauce was just about decent and nothing extraordinary while the wood fried chicken pizza was the star of the evening, it was crispy and well done exactly the way I wanted it to be. The penne pasta in white sauce was way too diluted for my liking and I would’ve preferred it to be creamy.

    On the second occasion that I was here, the tai pai chicken was pretty good while the Crispy Chicken Italian was consistent like my previous experience. The soft noodles in chilli garlic noodles had no flavor of chilli garlic while the Chicken stir fried rice in Schezwan sauce was good enough. Although both my visits the food options were limited to chinese, iam yet to experiment with Indian & Continental that I should be doing in many more visits.

    From the drinks menu, I noticed that the prices aren’t very steep but decently priced for the place. Apart from the hard drinks, the mock tails that we ordered were decent.

    On the service front handling a place with such a huge capacity is really difficult and sometimes gets really out of hand however heart cup does a good job in assigning section wise managers and staff to take care of every table. I was lucky to have been at the same table on both the occasions. The manger on duty Mr Rahul made sure each and every small issue was addressed and taken care off. One of the instance he went out of the way to even replace the dish that was not right and got that rectified. Thumbs up to Heart Cup Coffee for having such staff in place.

    The live gig by Shiv Menon is a treat after a hectic day at work. All in all, Heart Cup Coffee is truly a place to sit back and unwind yourself over drinks and some decent food. Love this place !



  • 4
    Manjari Shukla

    The terrace seating is very nice. I loved the water based cooling system used in the open area. The food was tasty and variety was good. I fond the place reasonable o pocket and had amazing time with friends. The service was prompt and attentive.

  • 4
    Soumya Srivastava

    Rated   After many days, we have found a place which we would like to Revisit again and again :) I have already been here thrice and would continue to :)
    -> The Ambience is Awesome and funky. Both the Interior and outdoor decor is pretty good. Love the Posters framed as the decor in the Restaurant.-> Coffee and Smoothies are reasonably Priced. But the rest of the Menu is not.->The Food is pretty decent, we loved the Beer batter Prawns, non-veg platter was okay, spinach cheese rolls were awesome :)->What I loved the most about the place is the Awesome Live Band performance on Wednesdays! I think it's just Brilliant. We were so impressed with the CONCERT like quality (especially the violinist ). He was incredible and I would go back on Wednesday's especially to enjoy this Band.
    Overall a very humbling experience and would recommend this place to everyone who enjoys coffee as well as beer :)
    This place is more for the Ambience and their theme based evenings (Live band and karaoke nights) and not just for food. Great for a fun evening with friends and family.

  • 4
    Sri Pavan Tadepalli

    Perhaps the only place place built for the tech gizmos who wish to dance till they drop after a tiring day at work, the place has a ramp like dance floor with good lighting and great music playing on.

    I am writing this review based on a few random visits and this place never fails to disappoint me, the food served is good and I remember the achari murgh tikka and crispy Italian chicken to be good , besides the food the place has some good offers on alcohol.
    this is for sure a must visit place for people wiilling to let their hair loose and roll on a Saturday night,

  • 4
    Ershad Kaleebullah

    Rated   After three years of karaoke nights ever week in Bangalore, I'd moved to Mumbai last year. Along with my move to Mumbai, I had stopped going out as well let alone for Karaoke. Thanks to the abysmally long commute times and erratic work schedules. I moved to Hyderabad recently and it's been about two months now. In these two months I've visited this place thrice already. I love how Eddy, a good friend and a colleague, does his Karaoke Jockeying to perfection. Allow me a little Mumbaiyya liberty: I'd call Heart Cup my Hyderabadi adda now because I actually look forward to Thursdays now.

    Having said that, I never sampled the food are Heart Cup and had heard great stories about it. I wanted to rectify. On a rainy Monday, I met a friend at Heart Cup to have an LIT and finally sample some of the food. We were having a really fun conversation, but the moment we sampled the mutton pulao both of us stopped talking and started relishing the food. The mutton was succulently cooked and the rice was adequately spiced. In fact, the smoky flavour of the mutton was a complete revelation. The garlic bread with cheese that we ordered as starters was also pretty good. No complaints there. The LIT was okay at best. I definitely want to sample more of their food. Will add my views about their other dishes after I've sampled them.

  • 4
    Swetha Tibrewal

    Rated   They've shifted and are better. This is when you take a combination of the best part of hard rock(staff) and have a more local adda. I'm glad that the Indian restaurant scene is paying attention to their services and not just food and ambience.
    Its the go to place after office. They now have different stuff on different nights and were recently host to the August Fest after party which is a feat.
    They have a huge menu, a rustic theme with indoor and outdoor seating. They are crowded most of the time and actually have good coffee too. xD
    We went there for coffee while it was raining. Ordered spinach cheeses rolls (little too big), nachos(excellent), Sangria(really good wine), cafe mocha and country chai(no one drinks that amount of tea at once comeon). It was quiet and relaxing.
    On our work anniversary we were a group of 25 or so. The food was really late but good. Should have been warmer. Had the veg/nonveg platters and broccoli. Pizza was good and fresh. Drinks priced slightly on the higher side. There was live music and we were seated inside as well outside later since we were noisy.
    Overall a place I would like to go to again.

  • 4
    Abhinav Dogra

    Best place to go on weekends. I really love this place and a huge fan. Music is good and when they switch over to punjabi music it's even more awesome. Have a faced few problems with the staff regarding the seating but if you ignore that, it's a good place. Staff as far as i feel is just Ok becoz they have been pretty rude at times. For me it's a 4.5* (ambience and mood) but because of the staff experience I'm forced to stop at 4!

  • 4
    Ujjwal Tamang

    Make reservations before you head out to this place. Kinda crowded but they have a good ambience and kickass interior decoration makes the place stand out. They have a ramp where you can go and shake your booty once you get drunk. The food was very good and drinks too. Nice place with fog, smoke and fire (yes literally) .

  • 4
    Vipul Mittal

    A decent place with decent music. The service was nothing to be outlined per day, quite average I think.

    Their food was quite good, except the pizza which was just okay.

    The American Corn Cheese Balls and the Fried Crumb Mushrooms stood out for me.

    A little bit on the expensive side, but this place is worth a try. Bon Appetit!

  • 4
    Pulkit Agrawal

    Must try: Spicy BBQ chicken wings, charcoal mushrooms, malai broccoli and butter chicken with zeera rice.

    HCC is the place that comes to my mind when we want go out on Thursday night. I have always loved the karaoke nights here - the crowd gives a different vibe on this night. They have utilized the new place very nicely - in one word spacious.

    We ordered veg nachos, Greek salad, and Tai Chien chicken coupled with chilled Budweisers :)
    Nachos were decent, the chips were not soggy and topped with lots of cheese and veggies. Greek salad was also nice, however, the only seasoning used was mayo and that too lots of it(not to my taste but some others may like it). The chicken was very tasty made in spices which were more on the Chinese side yet different.

    This time the service was very good, however, it's one thing that HCC lacks in consistency. They have their good n bad days.

    Food - 4/5
    Ambience - 4/5
    Service - 3/5
    Value for money - 3/5

  • 4
    Sourav Mukherjee

    Everything is great about this place but to my utter dismay they have started filtering stags on karaoke nights since last 2 weeks. This stops a lot of singers from entering the cafe and the nights are not the same like before.

  • 4

    Ahaaa...one of my favourite place in Hyderabad. There soup s are just awesome. There falafel needs a lot of improvement. The dips are Nice though. Music is way toooo Loud at days. Weekdays are better.

  • 4
    Vaibhav Mittal

    HCC have recently launched the Sunday brunch with live music . was here for a foodies event. Coming to ambience they have a huge area. They have both indoor and outdoor sitting . The ambience is superb a perfect place to chill .
    They had a lot of mocktails and it was a treat for a mocktail fan like me .
    Casanova a cranberry base mocktail was really Gud it had a diff flavour .
    Glass of rainbow was normal

  • 4
    Nitin Shiralkar

    Late night happening place for drinks, snacks and mast. This place gets crowded and you should occupy table well in advance. If you want spend late night with friends, then the place is highly recommended. Drinks ka comparatively cheaper. Snacks like chicken tikka, crispy corn, veg manchurian are good. You will enjoy the crowd 😉

    Obviously not recommended for families.

  • 4
    Utkarsh Goyal

    An all time favorite hangout spot. Be it with friends or alone this place will never let you feel alone. Amazing ambience and a good crowd.

  • 4
    Aashiana Hussainy

    Been here thrice. Each time - Great music and good food. Love their steamed thai fish. Mexican chicken wings are delicious and succulent.

    Live band on Sunday night was a delight.

    Service could be improved a bit.

  • 4
    Nikhilesh Bharadwaj

    Whenever I miss Goa shacks.. Heart cup is the place I go. You name it.. They have it.. Karaoke.. Drinks.. Wooden floors.. Cool people..

    Only thing that u might miss something Goan is seafood.. But it can be exempted!!

  • 4
    Shivesh Gupta

    What this place lacks in food quality, it makes up with great great customer service. Though they seemed to have a huge problem with a customer-server ratio, it being a Saturday night and all, the manager there, Naveen (Hope I've got his name right), made sure we had a great night. Just for that, I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a good time, as in my opinion, great service is as important as the food, if not more.

  • 4
    Rakesh Pamarthi

    Went to this cafe yesterday with two of my friends. This is really a cool place to hangout. We loved the ambiance and the disco rocked. Food was okay. Go for it for a change.

  • 4
    Sanjay Anand

    This is a place with amazing ambiance and beautiful interiors the menu is widespread and decently priced, the place also servers some amazing mocktails and of course alhocol, found the food very Good and excellent service by the staff including the Manager.
    Must try their veg- non veg staters.

  • 4
    Siddharth A Hegde

    Rated   I could not figure out the relevance of the name!

    On a serious note, the ambience is good. The food is over priced! I was here on a Friday night and was not lucky to get on the dance floor as the same was reserved for a private party. And from the outside, it did seem I missed a lot.

    A couple of non veg starters tasted average, while the pasta was a treat.

    Service staff were polite and there was not much waiting for the food. In fact it was so quick, we were wondering if the items were being served fresh or not.

    Lights were turned off by 11pm which was a little annoying but that's understandable. I wonder how few places around jubilee hills operate till late night though!

    Overall a decent experience! Nice place to party.

    Conclusion: I deduct 1 star for the following reasons:
    1. Expensive but average tasting food.
    2. The early closing time.

    PS: Pictures I have attached herewith aren't that attractive. But that's because I was having so much FUN, I forgot to set things up before clicking. I apologize!

  • 4

    This is far better than the old one - much much better seating and ambience

    Only issues is mosquitoes outside. 

    May be some new items can be added in menu - especially tandoori starters

  • 4
    Rohit Das

    The new set up is a step up from the previous in terms of space especially. Very open and well done. However the theme of the place confused me with pictures of famous people from all walks of life. Moving to the beverages, was disappointed to not find any draught beer on a Saturday afternoon. The food was very good, turkey and beef steaks were well cooked and the quantity was sumptuous. Service was prompt too.

  • 4
    Rahul Chatterjee

    In one word ‘awesome’, and to be honest, now the best place for night out near Hitech City. They have a exquisite courtyard outside where you can sit, talk and relax with your partner or with your friends. The lovely part being, space is so adequate that you will never feel crowded. The inside is equally eye catchy and preeminent for Drink, Music and Fun. Over weekends, it becomes extremely difficult to manage a table to sit, but who does care, if you have such a stretched and attractive bar to stand and enjoy your favorite drinks. They also have a decent DJ (not all days) and a Disc to shake yours legs whenever you are on the high. Next to food, they serve quite a good menu, but during crowded nights, it takes long to get served. If you are planning for a night out with friends over few drinks and good music JUST GO FOR IT.

  • 4
    Sumit Samal

    Rated   Weekends come early here at Heart Cup Coffee (HCC).

    One does not need to wait till a Saturday or even a Friday to get one's party mood going. Thursday nights are Karaoke nights at HCC  and what a scene it is every Thursday. The crowd here is electrifying. There is not enough floor space to have your own small jig sometimes. Reminds you of your college days. People seated, standing - there's people every where and the numbers keep on adding till late into the night with some really good music playing back to back. This energy continues into the Friday night and Saturday too (though no Karaoke these days).

    Having said that - coming to the other aspects of this place. Ambiance apart they also serve some really good food here along with the drinks menu on offer. The service is also not bad. I have had the regular starters and some Chinese and it tastes real good. The overall theme of the place is that of music and movies that reflects everywhere - from the menus to the wall hangings of prominent personalities and scenes from movies and music. 

    The best part is even though it is the weekend evenings, when the real crowd hits this place, I also found it very relaxing during late Saturday afternoons. One can enjoy some quite time along with the good food and a drink or two with some close companions. They also serve some goods coffee on the menu.

  • 5

    Its a kind of place where one can Have an excellent coffee enjoying peaceful ambience with friends. Rates are quite reasonable. Staff is prompt and cheerful. One can spend hours here at lip smacking coffee without getting disturbed. Fantastic place to spend time.

  • 5

    Came here midweek for some post work drinks with colleagues. The venue was busy but not overcrowded with a lively atmosphere. Choice of indoor, outdoor and outdoor covered seating. Staff were attentive and helpful without being intrusive. Ordered a range of starters and snack platters rather than full meals, very pleased with all the dishes.

  • 4

    loved the atmosphere of this place. drinks were good. food was decent, though i wouldnt go back for the food. staff was decent. a little on the costly side.

  • 4

    It is a great place to hangout and party with friends. The food and DJ are great. However, the place is very crowded especially on Friday evenings and it might be better to have bookings beforehand. The dance floor is pretty cool.

  • 4
    Alex U

    Had a great evening at this place listening to some good techno tunes. The atmosphere is good and location is nice. The pizza here is decent.

  • 4

    Went with my colleagues and spent good 3 hours of time and enjoyed. Prices for food and liquor were decent enough. There was live band playing and food was great. Loved the mock tails and tender coconut based mocktails were attraction.

  • 4

    The food was good. We really liked the ambiance. The service was excellent and not too intrusive. Overall, a good place to visit with friends for drinks.

  • 4

    If you have to get the feel of the young hyderabad, do visit this place. It has an amazing atmosphere with live band almost everyday. The food is wonderful and the booze is cheap too. So, yes, you can plan a group dinner over here with screening of sports during the season. Well within the reach almost from all the corners of the city and situated in jubilee hills, one of the posh area in hyderabad.